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Full automatic pet pad making machine

No.19, Quanyuan Road, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362261

Functions and Features
1 It is controlled by the touchable screen. It is easier to operate and adjust.
2 During the process of operation, the quantity of velvet laid for the core can be under non-step adjustment and the combined roller can be used to ensure the appropriate thickness of the core. Besides, wastes of fluff pulp can also be recycled and re-feeding.
3 Gram weight of fluff core and SAP is adjustable and ultrathin products can be made.
4 Folding types are versified for options.
5 Fluff core can be wrapped by tissues or molded directly.
Option Device
Backside release paper or tape can be chosen to use.
Main Technical Parameters
1 Model: DNW-CFD(Pet)
2 Designed speed: 140 M/Min
3 Real production Speed: 100-120 M/Min (Width :600MM)
4 Product size: L: (350-1500 MM) x W(300-900 MM) (customer needs choosing to fix several sizes.)
5 Electricity: 380V 50HZ,
6 Cable: (3x50mm2+1x25mm2+1x10mm2)
7 Air compressor: ≥0.6mpa ,1.2m3/min
8 Installation Capacity: 100kw(including glue applicators)
9 Real running capacity: 80KW .Breaker: 250A
10 Machine size(without crusher): (20x4x3)M(LxWxH)
11 Machine operation area: (24x8x4)M(LxWxH)
12 Weight: 25T
13 Container: 2x40HQ

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