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Full Servo Disposable Mattress Under Pad Making Machine

No.19, Quanyuan Road, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362261

Full servo under pad making machine supplier offers full servo disposable mattress under pad making machine, for lying-in woman pads/ pet pads production.
Technical Perameters
◎Model: DNW-CD-SV
◎Designed speed: 220 m/min.
◎Real production speed: 200 m/min.
◎Product size: L (350-1500)mm x W (300-900)mm.
◎Qualified rate: 99.99% (The rate is compared with qualified products with gross output products within 7.5 hours.)
◎Efficiency: ≥90% (The rate is compared real output with principle output within 7.5 hours.)
◎Installed capacity: 200KW (including hot melt system).
◎Practical capacity: 140KW (including hot melt system).
◎Electric power supply: three-phase & four-wire 380V/50HZ (ground wire).
◎Electric wire: 3x95mm2+1x25mm2+1x16mm2.
◎Air compressor: >0.6Mpa, 1.8m3/min.

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