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Mobile Flushing Toilet

No.31, HouShanTou Road, ShenQing Industrial Area, GuanKou Town, JiMei District, Xiamen City, China

The Smaller size toilet is light enough to be easily to carried by two people. Very easy to be installed, 2 people can finish one unit within 30 minutes. Separable hand wash can be taken out to use. With flap, the waste can not be seen directly. With vacuum forming, the roof is flexible enough to prevent damage from outside force. With UV-resistant, the toilet can keep its original appearance and function after many years.
Size: 1000*1000*2300 mm.
Inner Height: 2000 mm.
Weight: 85 kg.
Water Tank: 50L.
Waste Tank: 190L.
Material: HDPE.
Standard Accessories: Mirror, doorknob, hook, paper holder, basin, lock.
Optional Accessories: Light, air fan, exhaust fan, solar light.
Warranty: 6 years.

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