Motherhood is not an easy journey


Breast feeding has been practiced over centuries and has been described as one of the other miracles of nature. A mom gifts her child with some much to remember, the best being breast feeding. Breastfeeding nourishes and feeds a baby in a natural way.  

Motherhood is not an easy journey. It takes a whole lot of pain and effort for mothers to keep their children secure. Moms make their babies strong through the practice of breastfeeding. While there is no harm in patiently listening to the suggestions pouring in from well-meaning family and friends, a few important medically supported breastfeeding tips can make the breastfeeding journey smoother. Nursing your baby may not seem as natural as it is hyped up to be but with these tips from experts, you can take the pressure off your chest and heave a sigh of relief. All puns intended.


For new Mom’s , breast feeding can be little difficult but here are some great tips that will help you    understand that breast feeding not just helps your child and you too  improve immunity but also creates an emotional bond.

Comfort While you ensure your baby’s comfort before she latches on by supporting her head gently at the nape, do ensure that you too are in a comfortable position that does not strain you while you feed your baby. Whether you are sitting/reclining with your baby in your arms or lying down with your baby facing you, remember you will be spending quite a bit of time nursing and getting back, shoulder, or neck pain in the long run will breastfeeding a painful affair. .

Worry Less Am I producing enough milk? Am I nursing long enough? Am I overfeeding or underfeeding? Is my milk too watery? Is my baby gaining enough weight or is she undernourished with my breastfeeding? You are not alone in fretting over these worries but your child’s pediatrician and/or your health consultant at a renowned mother and child health establishment will put your doubts at rest and enable you to enjoy this special part of being a mother. .

Baby First Let your baby take the lead in announcing her hunger rather than you anticipating her needs and remaining on tenterhooks by constant clock-watching. And no, you don’t need to wake her up for feed time. Also, your baby naturally discovers her best comfortable position to feed and you and your baby will soon fall into a comfortable rhythm. Just make sure that the baby latches on to the entire areola and not just the nipple, and the nostrils are not blocked by the breast so that the baby can breathe freely while nursing. .

Leaking is Normal Sometimes in the beginning, when there is a long gap between breastfeeding sessions or if you hear another baby cry (or perhaps you just think about your baby), your breasts may leak which is a common reaction. This disappears when your baby continues nursing and all you need to do is wear absorbent nursing pads in your bra. .

Breast Care Essentials to avoid sore nipples, take care of your breasts by patting your breasts with a soft dry cloth after each feeding. Remember to air them periodically to prevent them from getting chafed. Avoid over-washing and if the skin does turn dry or painful or there is cracking around your nipples, your doctor may suggest a soothing balm. Sometimes mastitis (an inflammation or soreness linked with breastfeeding) develops due to blocked milk ducts and can be healed by gentle massage and hot fomentation before breastfeeding. However, do seek medical advice right at the onset to avoid further complications. Also, to prevent any engorgement or hardening of the breast, nurse your baby frequently and it will ease soon enough. .

Breast Feeding Diet- Happy Eating and Nursing

Maintaining a healthy breast feeding diet will go a long way. Healthy diet continues as you start nursing and continue   to flow from breast milk to baby.

If you are exclusively nursing for the first 6 months, you will need to add about 450-500 healthy calories to your diet. Having an inadequate diet will certainly interfere with your milk supply. Eat a variety of foods as your baby does get to taste the flavors in the breast milk. .

Healthy Food Choices Reach for an apple or banana instead of a bag of chips. Protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meats, legumes, and beans ensure you and your baby get the required nutrients. Remember while the baby is growing, the same nutrients are helping in rebuilding the wear and tear you may have experienced at the time of delivery as well as preventing any nutrition loss in your body as you nurse. Make the most of iron, protein, and calcium – the three pillars of a breastfeeding diet. .

Multivitamins Your doctor might also recommend you take multivitamins and mineral supplements till you wean your baby off breast milk to ensure a steady supply of essential nutrients. .

Hydrate Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water and other pro-biotic fluids and juicy fruits throughout the day. But don’t replace them with packaged juices, sugary and/or caffeinated drinks that not only contain empty calories and unnecessary sugar but also make your child sleepless. .

Vegans Alert Remember to replace essential food nutrients so that your diet does not make you or your baby get less nutrition, especially if you are not consuming milk or milk-based foods. .

Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, and certain seafood that could have an allergic reaction to your breastfeeding baby. In fact, some aerated sugary drinks and chocolate could make them fussy or restless. Strong-smelling foods like onions and garlic make a difference in behavior. Look out for any rash, diarrhea, nausea, or wheezing, and avoid the foods that could have caused such reactions.

A healthy baby will be active and grow steadily strong and have enough milk through the lactating process – all thanks to you and your dedication towards your diet, new mom. .

To add more to  this – Breast Feeding reduces risk of breast cancer

Breast feeding is a boon for the mother as it lowers the risk of breast cancer. Here are few symptoms of breast cancer:-

New lump in the breast
Thickening of breast
Irritation in breast
Redness in breast or skin area
Pain in nipple area

Visit your nearby doctor /best cancer specialist / best gynecologist in India if you have any doubts regarding breast feeding or related issues that you are facing post pregnancy. Narmada Health Group stands Best in Child Birth and Maternity care in India along with Nursing care , with the best of health professionals who will guide you through this issue.

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