Why Canon Printers?

In Today’s world, printers have become the backbones for many companies.


In Today’s world, printers have become the backbones for many companies. Hence the leading printer manufacturers keep upgrading their products so that their printers are up to the mark as per the needs of their customers.

Nowadays people used to love devices that can perform multiple tasks in time and also came under an affordable price range. This is why the wide array of features provided by Canon Printer makes it stand apart from the rest of the printer manufacturers. 

Below we have mentioned some of the features of the Canon Printers Which will make you fall in love with them in a moment:

  1. Ij.start.canon Printers are Fast and Easy to use as compared to the other printers.
  2. All the products offered by Canon are manufactured only after doing a lot of research to know the needs of their targeted customers.
  3. All the products offered by Canon are up to the mark and come under the warranty of Canon.
  4. One of the best and affordable printers (Mainly Personal Printers / Home Printers) in the market is only offered by Canon.
  5. As mobility is a huge deal nowadays Canon offers wireless printing features in all of its products.
  6. Whether you buy an affordable printer or a high-end machine, you will get the best print quality with it.


Anyone can buy a printer but the main problem people usually face after buying, which is lack of technical skills to set up their printer in their house or offices. This is why they need the assistance of a technical expert who can help them with the printer setup.

If you are one of those people who love to learn something new every now and then, looking to set up their printer through ij.start.cannon on their own. Then you are at the right place as below we described some easy steps for printer setup so that you can easily set up your printer.

Ij.start.cannon setup Process

At first, you need to download the printer drivers as per your printer model number just by visiting the website of canon at http//ij.start.canon because canon doesn’t provide any CD for driver installation. 

After the successful download and installation of printer driver software, there are two ways to set up your printer. We are going to discuss both of them. You just need to check for the one that suits you the best.

A). Setup ij.start.canon with USB

  1. After a successful installation of your printer drivers through http//ij.start.canon you have to click on “setup network connection via USB”.
  2. As the follow-up screen opens you need to go to the ij.start.canon set up and connect your printer with your computer through USB.
  3. After that, if you need to associate your printer with the access point then you can select it or else leave it and click on Complete.
  4. If you’re a MAC user, after the attachment of your printer you have to click “ok” at the featured access point.
  5. Now click to Add Printer, and add the particular driver version you are looking for.
  6. Click on Next to complete the printer setup.

B1) Wireless Setup of ij.start.canon for Windows

  1. At first switch on your printer go to settings- Device Settings- LAN Settings- then click OK.
  2. Click the “Down” Arrow key and select “Wireless LAN Setup” and click ok.
  3. If your Wi-Fi router is on your canon printer will search for a wireless connection and the LED will blink when the printer finds one.
  4. Now Select your Wi-Fi from the list and enter the password.
  5. Click ok twice to finish Wireless Setup.
  6. Now Visit ij.start.cannon from your computer browser, then download and install printer software as per your model number.
  7. Now go to Control Panel- Device and Printer- select “Add Printer”.
  8. Now select your printer model number on the screen and now your printer setup is complete.

B2) Wireless Setup of ij.start.canon for Mac

  1. Open your device's Printer, Wi-Fi Router, and Mac.
  2. Now Visit http//ij.start.canon from your computer browser, then download and install printer software for Mac as per your printer’s model number.
  3. Now go to the Apple Menu- System Preference- Printers and Scanners.
  4. Now select and Add your canon printer model number shown in the next prompt.
  5. Finally your Wireless Setup of ij.start.canon for Mac is completed.


After reading the detailed guide about how to set up your canon printer, you must gain the confidence to set up your printer on your own. Before you do that, first read the steps again so that you will understand each and every step, and there will be no troubles during the printer setup.

Through the wireless setup, you can connect your Canon printer with any wireless device, and be able to take printouts while you’re mobile. Isn’t that interesting?

To know more about Canon printers or any query that you might come across while setting up your printer. You can give us a visit at ij.start.cannon.


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