The template will be for carrying the individual elements

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You're telling me Best OSRS Gold site one day this arbitrary god Tumeken who's powerful enough to make lesser gods at will just begun investigating the desert, seen a monkey and said"you are a god now"? I don't purchase this, and I buy it even less that Tumeken could be so powerful and yet his existence be irrelevant to the existence of the elder god artifact within his domain name. Why could Jagex even aim to get a elder god artifact from the desert otherwise if it wasn't/has played some kind of function in the world.

The story known as the template would do. He discovered beings such as a monkey or crocodile and used them as literal templates, via the"Template", to create gods. The production stories are so inconsistent since not one of them understood the production worked That is, they know the foundation ingredient and the maker only made the rest of the details up. There is just a lot of contradictions from the Desert Pantheon history versus the history of the world.

Like obviously something is actually here by contradicting histories, and while part of is to simulate the puzzles brought about. I can not help but believe there's a greater truth hidden amongst oddities and those contradictions. Is the heart of gielinor (or some thing there) not a viable contender for the template? As a way to enact the revision that was great, From the desert, large source consumed. The elder god created telos. I would kinda hate as it seems like it has been too long as it's launch, it to be authentic but there is only so much material in town.

The elder god artifacts exist to make planes and were eventually mostly phased out, the Heart of Gielinor doesn't seem to match that. Given it's nature it appears to just be a huge quantity of anima so I would sooner suspect that this is the"main course" if you will. Our world which will be feasted upon by the elder god's children's delicious anima that is the yok. However I really could believe in order to make its guardian Telos, they used the template.

It just seems the desert has a great deal of things BUT Tumeken who are gods or god-like things based on things that are existing. Puppies, Scarabs and Scabaras, Crocodiles and Crondis, Monkeys and Apmeken, Het and humans, as you pointed out the center and Telos along with the river, Amascut and cats, Icythlarin and elidnis is another potential one. Heck even Amascut somehow created 3 corruptive spirits employing voice, the stole sight, and hearing of Apmeken and went.

That reminds me there's another consistent theme where it feels the beings are linked and cause a feedback affect like. The heart and telos, Elidnis and the river of the desert monkeys lost one of the senses when Apmeken did, when Crondis did, the crocodiles became covetous, and when Het had been missing people started to have health. So here is my theory.

The template is an artifact that may use 1 or more creatures/things as blue prints to produce new things/beings. The template will be for carrying the individual elements of items they wanted and combining cheap RuneScape gold them to m