Viagra: Healing Hearts

V for Victory, V for Viagra. Imagine how many relationships and marriages have been saved because of Viagra in addition to how many guys have gained confidence in their masculinity.


Thanks to Viagra! This is a triumph over hopelessness. It has added a new dimension and a sense of humour to a life of love that is strained caused by erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. In the same way, Cenforce 25 is fighting back against the aging process. It is never too late to be a good partner and enjoy your relationship to the maximum. However, should we view this as just one milestone in its endless journey to victory? Viagra is moving up in order to restore our heart today.



Greek research scientist Michael Doumas MD, from the fourth department of internal medicine at the University of Athens in Greece is announcing in the American Society for Hypertension's Twentyth Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition that research has found that those who have high blood pressure are more likely to develop Erectile dysfunction that is nearly double that of men who have regular blood pressure. Wall dysfunction in blood vessels is a prevalent problem in Men who suffer from ED and sufferers of atherosclerosis. The cells that make up the wall of blood vessels release vital substances, like the nitric oxide that helps to regulate the tone of the vascular wall and the ability of blood vessels to expand.



Charalambos Vlachopoulos MD of the very first department of cardiology in the Athens Medical School in Greece studied how long-term the effects are of Viagra on the stiffness of blood vessels of the main artery in the body. The usage of Tadapox to treat men who are hypertensive and have erectile dysfunction could alter the wall of the vessel, thus increasing its elasticity. The flow of blood in a vessel that runs through the neck area was assessed at the beginning of the study. It was measured another two weeks later. A measure of blood flow called pulse-wave velocity in medical terms was recorded 24 hours following the administration of Viagra. Researchers discovered that stiffness of the arterial walls diminished for those taking Viagra. Incredible, isn't it? The effect lasted for a long time after the initial effects of drug had faded. "This could have important implications on the overall cardiac risk of these men." he added.



This is a shocking detail discovered. Viagra was originally a drug to treat heart enlargement that was abnormal. Based on the Dr. Susan Graham (cardiologist, at UB-Kaleida), "Young men tried the medicine and several of them came back with this interesting side effect, and so it was developed and marketed for impotence." Researchers across the world are constantly experimenting with Viagra and examining the amazing potential for healing within it. Viagra (sildenafil) is not just a way to stop the heart from expanding but also stops stiffening of muscles and enhances heart function that has been proven in numerous studies across the world.



Tadora can play Cupid by healing the heart and guaranteeing happy love all the time you live. We can't deny its potential in the field of medicine that will revolutionize our lives. Watch and wait!

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