Tonsil stone is a condition that causes your breath

Tonsil stone is a condition that causes your breath


One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to anyone is to have bad breath. It Non-Woven towel is a total turn off for every person. Tonsil stone is a condition that causes your breath to turn awful. If you are experiencing the same problem here are the things that you can do. Remove the tonsil stones with cotton swab. Cotton swab is very effective to reach the tonsil stones located further back of the mouth. When you remove them, you need to move in an upward direction to avoid them from being swallowed. You must be warned though that this process can get really disgusting as tonsil stones do not smell and taste good. 


Remove the tonsil stones with oral irrigators. For people who do not want to manually pick tonsil stones, oral irrigators or water floss are extremely helpful. This kind of device is originally designed to clean the teeth and to keep the gums healthy. However, because of the powerful water pressure the device makes, it is also recommended for pulsing out the stones. Remove the stones with a toothbrush. Toothbrush is the most important oral care tool. It is also important for people who have tonsil stones because it can be used to reach out for them. However, you need to use a toothbrush that has soft-bristles. You need to be as gentle as possible because your gums and tonsils are extremely delicate. Being too harsh on them can cause bleeding and inflammation. Remove the stones using saline water and soda. Salt water has a lot of benefits. It helps in reducing the inflammation inside the mouth. It also helps in removing tonsil stones by gargling. You can do it at least two times a day to make it more effective. Other people believe that carbonated drinks such as soda and carbonated water also work as fine as the saline water when used for gargling. For more serious cases of tonsil stones, surgical procedures are often necessary. There are different procedures that you can choose from depending on the case and severity of your condition. For tonsil stones that are recurrent or those that resurface often, laser cryptolysis is recommended. In this procedure, CO2 laser is used to reshape the area around the tonsils.

The goal is to close the packets where tonsil stones usually appear. In this way, there will be no place for them to grow again. For very severe case of tonsil stones, tonsillectomy is often required. In this procedure, the tonsils are removed. Although this will not affect your health in general, the procedure can become extremely painful and uncomfortable. It should be done by an expert doctor in order to rule out any complication that may occur afterwards. For mild cases of inflammation, antibiotics can be taken. Antibiotics will help the tonsils recover from the inflammation and irritation. They can also help remove the stones themselves however taking them will not be a guarantee that you will not get tonsil stones again in the future.