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This is part of my Mining mini-game idea. I thought this idea was great enough to maintain a seperate forum. If you wish to see my Mining mini-game forum, then please proceed here. Whenever your pickaxe's pick head blows off, you are left with RuneScape gold a pickaxe handle and the pick head which you just lost. Imagine if you can alter the pickaxe handle, but maintain the pick head. These distinctive pickaxe handles come in different sizes, shapes, and colours.

To change pickaxe handles, go to Nurmorf at the Dwarven Mines or Bob in his axe shop or whatever and ask him to change pickaxe handles. A very long pickaxe handle can allow you to mine out of a longer distance. The longest pickaxe handle would be about three squares long. Different contours of a pickaxe handle may comfort you grip when you mine, so that you are able to extract an ore quicker than normal.

Colours of a pickaxe deal may be specialized in a particular sort of ore. By way of example, a blue pickaxe deal is focus in mithril ore. When you collect it, there's a possibility that it could be a"pure mithril ore" like the woodcutter's"pyre willow logs" or whatever. When it's pure, it might be worth over a usual ore. When you smelt it, then you may get an excess bar with using the exact same amount of coal. All these pickaxe handles would only be found at the Mining mini-game's reward store. If these are popular, then they may sell these pickaxe handles at public stores or stores.

Only loses its charge if it is damaged by an exploding stone. To recharge it, take it into the Mining mini-game's reward shop and trade in 5 shards. Or have a combo of ten tin ores and copper ores and some cash and have Buy RS gold Nurmorf or even Bob recharge it.


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