Who are the Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA 2K21 MyTeam?

Today, we're going to take a look at the best 3-point shooters in NBA 2K21 MyTeam as well as see who reigns supreme.


Shooters are essential in the present NBA. The 3-pointer additionally has actually rapidly become one of the key shots in NBA video games. Today, we're going to take a look at the best 3-point shooters in NBA 2K21 MyTeam as well as see who reigns supreme.

Steph Curry-- 99 OVR

• Overall Rating: 96
• Position: PG/SG
• Team: Golden State Warriors
• Archetype: Offensive Threat
• Best Stats: 99 Three- Point Shot, 97 Layup, 92 Free Throw

Steph Curry

Despite an injury discharge and a woeful season for the Warriors, Steph Curry remains the man of the minute when it pertains to the three-ball.

Curry's skill set is varied across wonderful capturing past the arc, wonderful ball handling, and also terrific passing. Not just has he transformed the video game with his deep-range capturing, however, he's likewise a three-time NBA Champ, two-time MVP, and a six-time all-star.

This receives NBA 2K21 with his 99 Three-Point Shot, 98 Offensive Uniformity, 97 Round Handle, and 97 Pass INTELLIGENCE.

Klay Thompson-- 95 OVR

• Overall Rating: 91
• Position: SG/SF
• Team: Golden State Warriors
• Archetype: 2-Way 3-Level Scorer
• Best Stats: 98 Three- Point Shot, 95 Defensive Consistency, 93 Lateral Quickness

Klay Thompson

Signing up with Steph at the top of the positions for yet another year is his Golden State teammate-- and also fellow Dash Sibling-- Klay Thompson.

Thompson sat out all of 2019/20 as a result of injury, yet has averaged over three triples per game for five straight seasons, going back to 2014/15. He likewise has an elite occupation average of 41.9 percent from past the arc as well as is one of the most reputable three-point shooters in NBA 2K21.

The 30-year-old is once again a top-five three-point shooter in NBA 2K21. With an 89 outside scoring and a 95 three-point ranking, Thompson is the very best three-point shooter at the shooting guard placement.

At 6' 6" with a 95 protective uniformity and 93 lateral speed, Thompson is also one of the most effective on-ball protectors in NBA 2K21. He also has the ability to safeguard numerous settings, making Golden State among the most functional protective teams in the game.

Matt Thomas-- 92 OVR

• Overall Rating: 74
• Position: SG/SF
• Team: Toronto Raptors
• Archetype: 3PT Specialist
• Best Stats: 89 Three- Point Shot, 98 Shot IQ, 90 Free Throw

Matt Thomas

The 26-year-old Matt Thomas made his NBA launching this year when he signed up with the Toronto Raptors from Spanish side Valencia, as well as he's definitely made his mark.

Regardless of only appearing in 41 video games in limited mins with the Toronto Raptors this period, he has made an impact each time he's stepped onto the court.

Thomas ended up the 2019/20 period, with a 47.5 percent three-point basket percent and also made virtually four (3.8) triples per game. Balancing just around 10 mins per game, he was still able to score 47 triples this year. Fairly insane numbers for an NBA debutant.

With a 74 overall score, Thomas is not one of the most well-shaped 2K21 gamers, however, he can assist in limited video games.

Trae Young-- OVR 90

• Overall Rating: 89
• Position: PG
• Team: Atlanta Hawks
• Archetype: Offensive Threat
• Best Stats: 92 Close Shot, 90 Three-Point Shot, 98 Offensive Consistency

Trae Young

Trae Young is just one of the best young three-point shooters at the point player placement. Regardless of having actually completed his 2nd NBA period, Young is already considered to be a leading offensive gamer in the organization.

With a 91 close shot, 95 mid-range shot, and 89 three-point shot, the 21-year-old is a triple-threat that can score from all areas of the floor.

Young is also one of the most effective playmaking point guards in the game, boasting a 91 in overall playmaking. Furnished with ten Gold playmaking badges this year, he's a point guard who can be reliable without racking up on every possession.

He's also second in the league when it involves aids, with 0.3 aids per video game. These statistics are definitely crazy for a gamer that's only in his second season.

This makes him the only gamer in the entire background of the NBA to average 29 factors and 9 aids per game. If that doesn't offer you on him, I do not know what will.

J.J. Reddick-- OVR 90

• Overall Rating: 78
• Position: SG
• Team: New Orleans Pelicans
• Archetype: Sharpshooter
• Best Stats: 95 Offensive Consistency, 90 Three-Point Shot, 96 Shot IQ

J.J. Reddick

From a warm youngster to an NBA veteran. J.J. Reddick is been one of the most trustworthy shooters of the NBA this decade.

The former 76er has actually maintained firing the 3 spheres like there's no tomorrow since his switch to the Pelicans before the current project. Averaging 3 triples per video game and a 45.3 percent conversion rate, with a 41.6 percent career-average from beyond the arc, Redick is taken into consideration to be one of the best pure sharpshooters of the decade.

Somewhat of a one-dimensional gamer, Redick can still be very efficient as a three-point specialist in the 2K21. Furnished with 12 shooting badges, a 90 three-point rating, and also an 87 for his three-point shot, there aren't a lot of guards in the game with such a grand develop for shooting.

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