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It was fantastic. Now, I'm asking you to purchase me an unclean Sarui Herb. They are only found near moving trees. I'm not sure the exact location. I believe I have RuneScape gold a clue. Go back to Salen by walking to the Swaying Tree and then picking the suspicious bush.

It is now time to wash the herb prior to giving the herb to him. Did you give me the herb? It's there. I'm in need of an empty vial. To get Holy Water, I need an empty vial. There is only one way. Bring a vial to the River Salve. The vial is able to be used in conjunction with water. To make the vial magical you must speak to the Nature Spirit. Speak to Drezel to bless the water. Now you have an holy water bottle!

Are you a believer? Here's the URL. It's fantastic. I'm now in need of 8 summoning shards. Pikkupstix, Tavelry may have some. I think I know what you're talking about. Hello, (Player name). What can I do? I require 8 summoning Shards to summon Salen. We have been friends for a long time. quite a ways. You can take them to the library at no cost.

Pikkupstix provides you with a bag of summoning pieces. Return to Salen What happens? The shards in this pouch are made by Pikkupstix. It's the perfect size. To complete the ritual of ingredients I'll need two pairs of Salve Robes. Sanfew might have spares. We'll see them soon I'm sure of it.

Sanfew is upstairs in Tavelry's Herb Shop. You're welcome, (player name). You've visited my humble home. Salen has sent me. He's in desperate need of a Buy 2007 runescape gold pair of Salve Robes. Here's the URL. Best wishes to Salen Visit Salen. We're grateful. Now, I'd like you to wear these robes in order to mix the potion. (Salve Robes need 35 Magic and 40 Prayer to be worn and the potion needs 65 Herblore to mix.


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