Improve Billing and Charging at Every Step with Online Charging System

A convergent charging system is a powerful telecom tool. But in 2021, its importance is going to rise even more with the launch of standalone 5G and IoT technology.


In today’s time, telecom industry is going through one transition after another. 5G launch and IoT’s mass employment has made telecom functions very complex. But they can be streamlined well if you have a convergent charging platform that offers real-time performance. 


Important Functions of Convergent Charging and How it Helps

Convergent Charging


Whether you are MVNO, MVNE or MNO, a convergent charging platform is essential for proper billing and charging. It performs many essential functions such as:


Consolidated billing


A convergent charging platform charges every transaction at a single point, which allows you to create a single unified bill that reflects every service charge. Hence, you can put down IoT, 5G, broadband and call charges on a single invoice. This step from your end brings convenience and comfort to the users.


Faster distribution of services


Real-time performance of online charging system ensures quick service monetization, which allows you to bring your services quickly into the market before your competitors.


Complete revenue assurance


An OCS is very accurate in terms of calculation of charges, which is very important in terms of revenue assurance. Customers get exactly what they have paid for, which allows you to build trust and reliability within your customer base.


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