I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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I was making Animal Crossing New Horizons Items family and friends in Sims together with my friend, and we had to utilize a mustache that was stereotypic for a different ethnic group to represent my dad's'stache because there was not anything really correct or accurate for his style. I am not Asian or Latina, so moving by these principles I need to be'disallowed' from dressing up in a different culture's garb? No. As it is a match.Finally finished all flower wreaths from animal crossing in actual life!!! So pretty! About how large are they? Have you got a picture of you holding them or something close for size?Ironing the flowers and leafs to produce the contours, and for your wreaths I used floral wires; basically everything from scratch ~That is superb dedication to ironing those tiny corners and over again. Congratulations on creating such beautiful art!!!

Could we capture some detail images? I would really like to see how they're made.It looks like it required a week, as soon as you think about it you think it takes a year, but then you realise it's only a month..Oh my goodness, those are seriously amazing! I'm exceptionally impressed.I was trying to figure out if they were a painting or actual wreaths haha. It looks surreal

Wow! So cool!! As a miniaturist myself, I am quite impressed! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! These are amazing, you ought to do full sized ones next, I'd like you for my front door!! That is amazing! Fantastic job!

Mostly silk satin, pansy is velour, windflower is wood cottongold rose is Japanese metallic gold stitched lame

It'd be great if we could only have different flower baskets which may be customed the way pumpkin DIYs were customized with the different sorts of pumpkins.So for example, a trellis which may swap out animal crossing buy bells online the flowers by using up those very same flowers. Ugh, nintendo, only employ me ...