Those who have to use Invisalign along with attachments

Those who have to use Invisalign along with attachments


Those who have to use Invisalign along with attachments may consider themselves a little unluckier in comparison with individuals who are not required to make use of them. But you should know that attachments are not any painful or troublesome accessory of Invisalign. They are undetectable to others and give no soreness. Only if on some occasion they are removed it may be a problem in which case you have to hurry to your orthodontist. But this may occur with any teeth aligners, hence you have to consider the risk. Some wearers although not all of them have to put on Invisalign with the help of attachments which are tiny dots of a dental gum and are having color of teeth.

They are placed on the surface of some selected teeth and their intention is to serve as a hold with which the Invisalign can be linked to the teeth tightly. Attachments also help Invisalign to give more strain effectually on teeth. Attachments are utilized by the orthodontist when a certain tooth motion is necessary and it is difficult to acquire. They are also utilized when Invisalign requires a more solid grip over the teeth. Whether to apply attachments or not is decided absolutely by your dental surgeon. S/He can tell if your teeth will need attachments or not even before the treatment begins. They are not used for all teeth and only sometimes they are discernible to others.  Use of attachments is completely painless and takes a short time. You won’t even require to take anesthetics. The Invisalign people supply template to your doctor to suit your teeth. It looks similar to the Invisalign aligner itself. However they have small knots on them at the positions where attachments will have to be placed. Doctor selects a right shade of adhesive appropriate for the patient’s teeth color which is placed on the teeth after which a blue color light is cast on it to make it hard.

Then the template is discarded and the attachments remain on the teeth. Invisalign attachments are uncomfortable at certain instances, e.g. when you have not worn the aligners you may feel them bumpy to your tongue or inner sides of cheeks. But the coarseness goes in the course of time. So also while consuming food, bits of food adhere often to the attachments and go on collecting over them. Yet another complication is Invisalign wearing can be excessively firm due to attachments which makes their wearing and removing uneasy and sometimes painful. In due course of time when your doctor decides that attachments are not required any longer, he or she discards them. Attachments are discarded by polishing their surface using dental drill till they are fully disappear from the teeth. The elimination of attachments is also totally painless just like their wearing and it too doesn’t require anesthetic.Only on very few occasions, attachments crack. This normally occurs when the aligner is fitting extra forcefully on the teeth with attachments. You have to remember well that attachments are required and therefore if they come off you should visit your dentist instantly and get them replaced. This is owing to the fact that if they are not placed again, the job of your Invisalign won’t be fulfilled and they will not work aptly. So Invisalign attachments are not a trouble but an aid to offer you the air hose coupling manufacturers aspired sweet smile.


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