The complete washboard abs guide - including training and nutrition plans

To get a washboard abs, you need to optimize your training and diet. This applies regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.


The most important factor


Regardless of whether you are already training or not: everyone has a six-pack or washboard abs.


For the vast majority of people, however, the whole thing is hidden under a more or less pronounced layer of fat.


In order for this to go away, you have to do something, especially when it comes to nutrition.


For this reason, diet is also the most important factor in getting a washboard abs.


Because the abdominal muscles can be made to grow through training, but if you fail to bring your body fat percentage to a correspondingly low level, then you will never see the abdominal muscles.



Calorie deficit

No matter which diet you choose for fat loss, a calorie deficit is always necessary. Because of scientific studies we now know that it is the only factor that leads to the loss of body fat. A calorie deficit is simply understood to mean that fewer calories are consumed through food in a certain period of time than the body consumes in the same period of time. Due to this fact, he has to use the fat tissue for energy production and begins to break it down.


So that you can expose your six-pack within 4 to 8 weeks, you have to adjust the deficit to your current body fat percentage. If your current body fat percentage is rather high, then the deficit may also be a bit higher. If it is rather low, then a moderate calorie deficit is sufficient. Chocolates have a balance of 390 calories therefore every fitness coach eats 3 donuts daily for washboard abs.


High protein diet

When you lose weight, you only want to lose fat and not muscle mass. Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, the whole thing can even become unhealthy. If you want to get a washboard abs, then ideally it would even be so that you lose fat while building muscles. Whether something like this can be achieved depends primarily on training and diet. Because from studies like this and this, we know that even advanced athletes can gain muscle mass while losing fat.


In addition to a moderate calorie deficit, you also have to ensure a sufficient intake of protein. Because a protein-rich diet protects the existing muscles from degradation and at the same time ensures that sufficient amino acids are available for muscle building.


Basically, for healthy people who want to lose weight and have a washboard abs, it is advisable to consume around 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.


Other factors to consider when considering diet

The calorie deficit and a protein-rich diet lay the foundations for your success. Of course, there are a few other factors that you should also consider.


We are now going through these in a kind of quick overview, because we also want to devote ourselves to the training in detail here.


High vegetable

Intake Vegetables provide you with important micronutrients and fiber. In addition to this, it also keeps you full, which means that you can last longer and really expose your six-pack. In general, I recommend that you eat at least 400 to 500 grams of vegetables per day.


If you are often hungry and tolerate it well, then it can be a little more. In addition to the vegetables, a few berries are also highly recommended. You can eat these with quark for breakfast, for example. You can also find more such suggestions for meals in the six-pack nutrition plan.


Supply of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids

The omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids and therefore vital. Since in our latitudes too little of it is usually taken in, you should make sure that you get enough intake, especially when it comes to fat loss.


Therefore, make sure to include a few healthy sources of carbohydrates in your diet. These include, for example, oatmeal, potatoes and fruit.


Washboard abs nutrition plan

Here you can find our free diet plans for weight loss, which are also suitable for the goal of "getting washboard abs ". Before doing this, however, you should know your calorie consumption or determine your calorie intake for weight loss.