Five categories of adult sex products

the first sort

1. This refers to those used to directly output or input sexual stimuli. They are mainly three things: sex doll, sex toy and vibrator .


the first sort

1. This refers to those used to directly output or input sexual stimuli. They are mainly three things: sex doll , sex toy and vibrator .

2. Sex dolls are made of materials such as rubber or plastic to create something like a big doll that simulates humans as much as possible and is generally blown with air. Then create or install some fake vagina, breast, mouth, anus, or penis in the corresponding part, so that the buyer can "sex" with the doll. Some dolls also add hair, lubrication or vibration equipment, and so on.

3. Vibrator generally refers to a variety of artificial products that imitate the penis, those things that can be used by the motor to oscillate and tremble. There are also things that oscillate and stimulate the clitoris and anus. The word "vibrator" comes from the kind of "oscillator" used when mixing concrete. In order not to confuse it, what is used for sexuality should be called "vibrator".

Sex toys are a broader term that can cover sex dolls and vibrators, and can also include various other man-made items specifically for sex.
Second category

This refers to those items that mainly play an auxiliary or protective role in sexual activity. The most common are various kinds of lubricating fluids, which can be directly used for inserting intercourse, caressing those delicate and sensitive parts, massage in the sense of sex, etc. If the condom is used as a "condom" to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, then it can also be counted as an adult sex product.
The third category

Refers to a variety of sexy underwear, decorations, and cosmetics for the body and sex organs. The most common are fur or leather bras, briefs, pajamas, garters, chest belts, etc.
Fourth category

Refers to various items used to enhance direct physical stimulation, mainly candles, whips, handcuffs, chains, ropes, locks, shackles, etc. They generally do not cause serious harm to the body and can be used by men and women who have sexual abuse or abuse and can also be used by ordinary people as an auxiliary means of strengthening sexual stimulation.
Fifth category

This refers to a variety of sexual tools of medical nature used to assist in the treatment of multiple sexual disorders and difficulties.

The essential difference between "tools" and "toys" in the sexual appeal is that tools are mainly used to solve various sexual difficulties of people, and they must have the proper curative effect. Toys are items that anyone can use to play and do not have a standard effect.

All European and American countries that allow the public sale of sex dolls, sex toys, and vibrators have strict regulations: this type of product can only be called a toy, and the word "toy" must be written on the outer packaging, and it is not allowed to use medical Various terms and expressions.

In particular, all kinds of so-called "sex condoms" must be clearly written: this is just a toy, not necessarily with contraception and disease prevention. There is still a lot of controversy in the medical industry about such products, but as a publicly sold commodity, society should not only make such regulations but also try to stop the merchants from illegally making huge profits.

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