Fabulous K Boutique which offers tax assistance and other services

Sonja Edwards is a hardworking entrepreneur who is always thinking ahead and anticipating how she can better serve her clients and customers.


Sonja Edwards is a hardworking entrepreneur who is always thinking ahead and anticipating how she can better serve her clients and customers.

The Fabulous K Boutique, located in the Mediplex building at 3920 FM 365, was opened on July 3 by a Port Arthur woman. The driveway entrance is marked by large purple banners, with a nursing home facility to the left of the entrance.

The main shop's interior is decorated with elegant touches that complement the purple and silver color scheme. A boutique is a place where you can shop for clothes and accessories.

Edwards sells wigs and extensions made entirely of human hair, virgin hair vendors as well as raw hair in a variety of colors, styles, and textures.

She explained that the no tangling, no shedding hair is of a 10A grade, which is very good quality, and a 12A grade, which is even higher quality.

And if a customer wants something that she doesn't already have in stock, she can order it from China, which will arrive in three to four days or less.

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She had done her homework in order to learn the trade.

A lot of Googling, reviewing, reading reviews, and talking to a variety of vendors, according to Edwards“It took a large number of vendors. The type of hair you want to sell must be chosen carefully because some vendors are excellent and others are not. You should be aware that people are required to wear their hair. I'm required to wear my hair.”

She goes ahead and does it. A framed photo in the shop depicts her wearing one of the wigs, which has long soft waves and is available for purchase. Regarding the different types of hair and wigs, natural colors are popular, wholesale wigs while body wave and straight hair are also in high demand, respectively.

“Longer hair is becoming increasingly popular,” she said as she held up a 30-inch extension of dark Brazilian hair for demonstration.

It is possible to purchase extensions and have them made into a wig.

While she does not currently make wigs, she plans to enroll in a wig-making class to learn how to create custom wigs.

To the right of the stage, Edwards led the way to an exhibit that included a mannequin head with a Diana Ross-style look that could be worn "thick and full" or sprayed with water for a wet, Wholesale Bob Wig just-out-of-the-shower look.

She turned the wig inside out to show the inside cap area and how that particular wig is professionally made on a sewing machine, which she then turned back around. She pointed out a wig with straight hair that was nearby and explained that it was handmade.

Ruby Sampson, a client from the neighborhood, said she would recommend the shop to others, noting that Edwards has reasonable prices and excellent hair, the Best Wigs to Buy.

Sampson also purchases lashes from the shop in addition to hair, according to the owner.

Aside from the various textures, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Blonde wigs give the customer the freedom to experiment with unusual colors such as yellow, wild purple, or even pink. She explained that among the many possible combinations, the darker-haired ones have red hair color or highlights.