OSRS Void Knight: Everything you must know

The set is complete and includes three Helmets, (magic, ranged, and melee) as well as robe top and robe bottom as well as deflectors and gloves, seal and mace.


Void Knight equipment, an offensive set of Hybrid class Hybrids, may be bought from Void Knights using Void Knight commendation points earned from the minigames Pest Control or Conquest. The necessary skills to purchase and equip the items that include: Strength, Attack and Defense Constitution, Ranged Magic Constitution, Constitution Magic and Ranged. (Summoning is not necessary). The minimum level of combat required to possess the entire set is 51.

The set is complete and includes three Helmets, (magic, ranged, and melee) as well as robe top and robe bottom as well as deflectors and gloves, seal and mace.


It'll be 55,800 coins when the three major elements of the set (helm top, middle, and bottom) are destroyed during a PvP battle. Void Knight equipment can be taken from the gravestone of the player who died or in Death's office at a cost of a small amount.


The Void Knight equipment is known for its hybrid and offensive nature. While the armor does not offer a damage bonus when worn with three pieces of armor, and a helmet, you will receive a set effect that provides bonus damage or precision. You can select to have the set effect controlled by the helmet. It could be magical or melee-focused, or even the ranged.


It is possible to upgrade your robes to Superior and Elite robes. There's also an amalgamation of both upgrades referred to as Superior Elite. A piece Elite enhances the value of armour and also grants you a Prayer bonus. A Superior piece increases it, the value of armour are raised even more. A piece that is Superior Elite can combine both of these effects , and also grant an additional prayer bonus and also a higher level of armor. Every piece can be considered Superior, however Elite is only available through either the top or bottom.


Replica Void Knight armor can be bought for 45,000 loyalty points from Solomon's General Store. It is possible to can also buy Replica Void Knight gear to obtain the retro void armour or retro gear. The retro design can be utilized to alter your wild void armour.

Methods to eliminate voids from OSRs

You have to complete the minigame of pest control to earn Void. Void isn't traded, so it isn't possible to use a different method to obtain it.


The 344 world is where the pest control process occurs. To play games on video, you have to be a part of the world. Three choices:

Every stage comes with its own rules and provides a distinct set of elements to win.

This means that the quicker you reach your full set of voids, the better your battle stage.


To complete the set, you'll need 170 veteran wins 213 intermediate wins and 284 novice wins.


Veteran games last for under two minutes. There isn't usually any time-frame, however you have priority. This means that there could be delays of between 10 and 30 minutes between games. Let's say that a veteran game takes three minutes to complete, not including loading time.


The full empty (1250/5=250 games) will take about 12 hours. It will take another four hours in order to get to the elite empty.


Common void

For the complete set of voids, that includes three helmets, you'll need 1250 void commendation factors. One helmet (or one void set) costs you 850 points of void commendation.


Elite void

The elite void has more specifications than the typical empty. To be eligible for elite void, you must complete the Hard Western Provinces diary. For a change in your common uniform, you'll need to spend 200 points of commendation. The total is 400 points of commendation.


In addition, you'll need to complete many quests, and gain high-stage levels of experience as well as a fighting level of 100 in order to complete the Exhausting Western Provinces diary and be able to enter the Elite empty.


A complete Elite void, which is elite, will grant you 1650 points of commendation.

Common void vs Elite void

The prayer bonus of +6 is the only benefit elite void is superior to the common empty. Although elite void doesn't provide a melee bonus however, it offers +2,5% range increase and magical damage when helmets are on.


This makes the elite Void Ranged one of the strongest slots DPS ranged armours available in OSRs.


If you are a victim of an ordinary void, you must only try to obtain an elite voids if:


You propose on doing raids/TOB

BIS Ranged DPS is mandatory

You'd like to receive the bonus of a +6 prayer

It isn't valued by the elite of void magic since the ahrims have better DPS. This is the reason why players switch to raids in exchange for magehood.


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