Others share the

One person wrote on the popular NetEase web portal: “I like this elevated Guangxi humour.



Residents of a city in southern China have fashioned “skirts” for their cars to protect them from rats, according to a BBC report. A woman shows the Nanning TV reporter a rat-sized hole in one car skirt.One suggests a solution which doesn’t involve wrapping your car in chicken wire: “They can raise a number of cats, we have a few strays on our estate, the rats don't dare come out.Locals in Nanning, in the Guangxi autonomous region, came up with the idea after rodents clambered inside the vehicles and gnawed through the wiring. “Are they preparing against a large-scale rodent invasion ” one user asks.However, the rodents seem to have found their way around these protective covers. One person wrote on the popular NetEase web portal: “I like this elevated Guangxi humour..”

Others share the locals’ frustrations, but some think they’re overreacting.Zhao, a local resident told Nanning TV, there were many rats in the area and during cold weather it becomes a problem because the rats snuggle down in warm places, like car bonnets. Many cars in Nanning were spotted with the wraparound shields — dubbed “car maxi skirts” in the Chinese media.Meanwhile, Chinese social media users seem amused by the car skirts. “Can’t you see The rats have nibbled a hole through it,” she said. “Putting these around the cars is a good thing, and it can also prevent small children from scratching them,” he said. Some ‘skirts’ are fashioned from fabric curtain fabric manufacturers and chicken wire while others are made using bamboo, the BBC said.” The problem, however, is Guangxi has a reputation for using both cats and dogs for meat, and is home to the infamous Yulin dog-eating festival, widely frowned upon elsewhere in China.


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