Invention Training Guide for Runescape 3

Invention was added to RuneScape on January 2016. It was the first skill that was elite, requiring level 80 for Crafting, Smithing, and Divination to gain access to it.


Welcome to my RuneScape Invention leveling guide. This guide will cover everything you must be aware of about Invention. It will include information on what to add and what to take away. I will also discuss how to speedily level up Invention and how to achieve it at a low cost. Additionally, you will learn how to earn money while leveling Invention.

What is Invention?

Invention was added to RuneScape on January 2016. It was the first skill that was elite, requiring level 80 for Crafting, Smithing, and Divination to gain access to it.

It's the second ability following Dungeoneering to be able to reach a maximum level of 120 (not including virtual levels) so it has an achievement cape master and a normal one!

Begin with

When you've reached the 80-level requirement to begin inventing, go to the Invention Guild. It is situated between Falador, Barbarian Village. You will find an invention symbol on the floor. This is the place where Doc will guide you through the Invention tutorial. This won't take very long and should give you an understanding of how Invention operates! The guide assumes that you've finished the course and have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Invention.

You are aware that nearly every invention is created at Workbenches. There are a lot of them around Geilinor.

Furnace west from the Ardougne church

Oldak's lab in Dorgesh-Kaan, in the laboratory of Old

Anvil inside Constorium Building in Keldagrim

Anvil for Seer's Village for the Anvil

Anvil south of west bank of Varrock

Anvil south of bank in Yanille

The Invention Skill Training

There are several methods to develop the Invention skill.

Leveling Equipment and siphoning/disassembling them at high levels to get large amounts of experience - siphoning keeps the equipment but gives slightly less experience

Making Gizmos which gives good exp but is costly to acquire the components required

Equipment siphons, and Pogo Sticks

The most well-known method of training is the primary method, which has the advantage that it is able to be learned together with other skills. You can train Invention through activities such as Slayering or Fishing and then enhancing your equipment. Your level of skill will improve and eventually you'll be able to take apart your equipment and siphon it for many years of inventing experience.

Tech Trees: Specialization

The Level 40 invention offers the player the option to switch between the basic Human tech tree and cave goblin, or dwarf technology trees. They determine which items are first unlocked, but you'll still be able to craft all items eventually no matter what tree you choose!


As you level up as you progress, blueprints are made accessible to be discovered. Finding a blueprint requires some amount of inspiration, and a reward by engaging in the game and earning knowledge. This feature may be removed in a future update.

For less as an inspiration, the blueprint has to be "solved" when it is discovered. This is accomplished by solving a tiny puzzle about the relative positions of certain materials. It's generally not difficult to solve.

Disassembly Guide

You can take apart items to make components. These parts are used to create gadgets and disassembling objects is an integral component of Invention. Drag items into the Invention button that is in the lower part of your inventory next to the currency pouch.

Disassembling something gives a small amount of knowledge and parts. Parts you get will be contingent on the product you're disassembling. A needle will provide junk most of the time. A noxious Scythe could deliver noxious materials every time. The more tiered items are more likely to give more tied items.


As you progress in level and unlock new gadgets and items, you will also be able to augment certain weapons, armour , and tools! It is necessary to construct an Augmentor using an Invention Workbench and then apply it the item. The item is then not able to be traded and you can add benefits to it.

Perks are added to gadgets via the Invention interface. They could be negative or positive. Higher quality parts will provide better perks. RSWiki gives detailed descriptions of the components can be used to gain the best perks.

In the beginning, players must build a gizmoshell first and fill it with components. There are 5 slots and the use of common materials places five in each slot, whereas rare materials can only be used one per slot.

Perks can also be various levels, up to five levels on some perks.

The process of leveling up

Once your item is enhanced, you can begin increasing its level. Check out Fishvention for example:

A fishing rod'O'Matic is made from scratch on a bench. It is then possible to add gadgets to it like the furnace, which can burn the fish to increase experience

You practice fishing with your Rod'O'Matic as normal however, you will experience slightly more fishing experience because of your perks!

After approximately 800K Fishing exp, your rod will be at level 10 and is able to be disassembled for around 500K Invention exp

This method can be easily used to combat Slayer and Combat also! It is possible to upgrade your weapons and armour and put on bonuses to boost your combat effectiveness, and then you train Slayer as normal and disassemble/siphon at levels 10/12.

If you are using augmented equipment you'll be using cost, which is a currency that can be added to your tool belt by purchasing amazing charges. They're costly, however you can make your own.

Effective Tools

Parts can be used to build useful tools like:

Chinchompas which cause more harm to versions that are not augmented

Accumulators that work as Urns

Siphons that reset experience and also give Invention experience but do not cause damage to the equipment

These are items that can be useful when playing games, which makes Invention a very useful skill.

Thank You

I hope this guide helped you learn some more about Invention! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible! Thank you and best of luck!

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