How to Write an Essay Outline

The outline summarizes your entire essay and gives you a clear direction throughout the writing process.


An outline is a way to structure your thoughts and ideas. Every essay writer should create an outline before starting to write the essay. Without an outline, you will never create a well-written essay.


Sometimes, the teacher asks the students to submit the essay outline before writing the essay. With the help of an outline, the teachers easily examine which topic you write and what information you have about the subject. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to worry about how I write my essay if you have a great outline.


The outline summarizes your entire essay and gives you a clear direction throughout the writing process.


No matter what type of essay you write, the outline structure is the same for all essays. It consists of three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

These parts are necessary for a well-written essay outline. Without these, the essay outline is incomplete, and you will never create a great essay.


Steps for Creating the Outline

Writing the essay outline is not difficult if you understand how to write it. Here are some steps that you should follow and create a perfect outline.


Read the Assignment Carefully

It is the first step of writing a great essay outline. Before you start writing the essay outline, you should understand the instructions. If you don’t understand it, ask your teacher or professor for better clarification. You can also ask someone to write my college essay if you don’t have time to write a good essay outline.


Develop a Topic

The outline can help to organize your ideas. First, you should have to brainstorm the ideas and write them into a paper. Choose the one that you can easily write about.


Identify your Purpose

In this step, you have to identify your purpose, like what you want to accomplish with your essay. Make sure that your purpose is aligning with your teacher guidelines.


Identify your Target Audience

Now, you have to identify your target audience. Understand its interests, choices, and level of knowledge. It helps a lot in your entire essay writing process.


Create the Thesis Statement

Once you have a great essay topic, you are ready to develop the thesis statement. An effective thesis statement should cover the main purpose of the essay. Also, it should be powerful and strong. Make sure that your thesis statement is arguable and debatable. You will also take help from the college essay writing service writers for creating the perfect thesis statement.


Choose the Outline Structure

The essay outline has two different types of structure, i.e., alphanumeric and decimal. Both are good and professional writers used in their essays. However, pick the one after consulting your teacher.


Write the Introduction

It is the first part of the essay, and it should be attention-grabbing. This section should include the thesis statement and provide some background information about the chosen topic. No need to add irrelevant and obscure information in this part.


Write the Body Paragraphs

The essay body is the largest part of the essay, in which you provide the information in detail. You give examples, statistics, and facts that support your topic.


Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay, and it should leave a strong impression on the reader. In this section, you will discuss the solution, main points and restate the thesis statement.



After writing the essay outline, you will have to proofread it. Check all the sections and see that you mention all the information that you need for your essay. For proofreading, you will consult the essay writer service.


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