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The causes for Erectile Dysfunction

There are a variety of factors that cause the condition. The most important ones are:

Kamagra 100mg Oral Jelly The most frequently cited reason. A few of the medical conditions that lead to Erectile dysfunction are excessive blood pressure and overweight, heart disease and pelvic injuries as well as nerve injury.

Medicines High blood pressure, as well as antidepressants, comprise among the drugs which have been found to be strongly connected to erectile dysfunction.

Narcotics include substances like tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Research has found that they affect your nervous system and affect the brain and can dull your senses.

Testosterone The decrease in levels of testosterone is connected to the condition. It's important to know that even though low levels of testosterone can cause the condition, extremely rare instances of Erectile Dysfunction can result from it.

Psychological issues Depression, stress, and other mental health issues can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Diagnose of the disease

There are many ways to determine the cause:

Diagnosis through historical records This means that you have visited your doctor, and your doctor will look at your medical history. If you've had a history of being afflicted by medical or mental disorders, it could be the reason you're suffering from the condition.

Diagnostics by medical exam If the doctor has looked over your psychological and medical past and found no evidence to suggest the root of your erectile dysfunction, then you may be required to go through a medical exam. In this exam, the doctor will examination of your pulse as well as your hair growth, penis sensitivity, and penis shape. After the examination, the doctor will inform you of the most likely reason behind the problem.

Diagnosis through laboratory tests The Kamagra 100mg Gold may be performed in two labs are the sleep or science lab. In the lab for science, the medical professional will analyze your urine, blood, and other fluids, as well as enzymes as well as fat levels. When you sleep, the doctor will examine your nighttime sexual erections, and from the results identify the reason to explain the problem.

Psychological assessment If the doctors have performed a physical exam and determined that there's no reason for you to be experiencing erectile dysfunction, the doctor will assess how your psychological health is doing. The factors the doctor will examine include anxiety, fear stress, depression, and anxiety.

The Way to Stop the Condition

One of the facts that are known is that the problem is caused by diabetes. If you're diabetic, you need to work hard making sure that it doesn't hinder your ability to have an effective sexual erection. This can be achieved by eating a healthy diet. Also, make sure that you are taking the proper medication at the appropriate time.

If you notice that you're not able to keep a firm sexual erection over a long period of time it is not a reason to be ashamed. The only thing you have to do is speak to your doctor. It is far more prevalent than you imagine. As we mentioned, nearly an 80percent of men who are older than 75 have it, consequently, there's no reason to be embarrassed about it. Talking to your doctor will assist you to get rid of the disease before it progresses to high levels.


This is the information you require to be aware of about Erectile dysfunction. If you suspect that you are suffering from this condition don't just sit around and feel ashamed about yourself. It is time to take action and see your physician who will provide the advice and medications you require.

Things to Help

There aren't many scenarios that are more stressful than being caught in the middle of the night and unable to work at your best in the office. Treatments can include oral medications as well as counseling, pump devices, and surgical procedures. Hotmedz remedies and other remedies that are natural have been widely used throughout different cultures. This issue can affect the self-esteem of your partner and your sexual life however, you do not have to take pills to get rid of the obstacle. If you're seeking solutions to erectile dysfunction there are many natural remedies. There is a myriad of less expensive solutions are available that will help get your relationship back to normal.

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