How to write a good essay (step by step)

How to write a good essay (step by step)

To write a good essay it is very important that you get rid of the idea that writing is too complicated.



To begin with, think about the topic of the essay and write down the ideas that come to mind. Write down everything you can remember, without worrying about putting it on paper in an elaborate way. Later, you will organise these ideas.

Also think of a quotation or a historical fact that can be referred to. This shows that you have general knowledge.

Once you have written down everything that came to your mind, develop your initial ideas. Thus, the first paragraphs like here of what were once loose ideas begin to emerge.

In the next step, structure your essay by thinking about how you will introduce the ideas, develop your arguments and conclude by proposing a solution.

Now that much of the work is done, use connectives and make sure your text is cohesive and, above all, coherent, thus convincing your reader.

Finally, check what you have written by reading it carefully. This reading allows free essay writer to correct minor flaws of inattention that can damage your text, so it is very important.

Step-by-step for good writing:

Reflect on the subject of the writing.
Develop initial ideas
Structure your essay
Use connectives and be coherent
review what you have written
1. Reflect on the writing topic.
Reflect on the proposed topic and outline, even mentally, what you know about it. If you have time, drafting and listing the main ideas is a good way to start.

Asking and answering questions is an exercise that can help you put together an outline.


Let's think about the topic "Society's role in combating violence in schools":

Violence in schools.
How does it happen? Friction between students or between students, teachers and staff.
Why does it happen? Lack of respect, boundaries, etc.
When or since when does it happen? There are more and more cases of violence in schools.
Where does it take place? Do you write my essay? Does it happen inside or outside schools?
What can be done? The school should involve the school community in awareness-raising moments that promote respect for people.

In this way, you narrow your focus and are thus able to present convincing arguments for the points you intend to make in your text.

In addition, this organisation allows you to avoid the risk of running away from the topic and to better control your time.

Take the opportunity to think of examples, historical data or a quote that are related to the topic of the essay. Use them throughout your text and enrich it.

It is important to understand the difference between theme and topic. The theme is a focus that can be brought to a topic. In the example above, we have

Topic in question: school violence
Theme: the role of society in combating violence in schools.
Other possible themes: teacher training to deal with violence in schools, the factors that lead pupils to be violent at school.


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