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After putting so much effort into brainstorming, writing, and structuring your essay, a student must review the essay


After putting so much effort into brainstorming, writing, and structuring your essay, a student must review the essay. Many of the students skip this part and submit the paper as they just want to get it over with.  However, they suffer the consequences as an officer can easily spot a paper that has not been reviewed.


This article is about how to write a review essay because it is important for students and teachers. These days it seems like more work than pleasure for someone who teaches literature or creative writing in schools. So I try to explain my experience of reviewing the student's initial essays from the point of view of teacher and a writer with nine years' experience of teaching English at school level and working at college essay writing service


Structure and Content


This part of the review should come first and foremost. As you still are writing, if you need to tweak a thing or two. The structure and content of the essay will be judged against the salient parts of the essay. Each paragraph will be judged for its content and the flow of information. You


 have to make sure that the parts are consistent with one another.


Make sure that your paragraphs do not overlap, if they do then it is a problem. Make adjustments and remove the information that has been stated before so this will be easier for both you and the officer reviewing your essay. Focus on grammar and spelling mistakes as well but don't spend too much time on this process because an error in grammar can really ruin an otherwise brilliant essay.




Your formatting should be reviewed as well as the margins, font size, line spacing, paragraphs measures etc. These facets make a review of your essay interesting to read and attractive to the reader's eye as well as mine! It makes me want to go further into content without even reading the whole thing!


Conventions and Propriety


These are two terms that an officer will be looking for. These are the standards to which your essay should meet or exceed in order to pass just like essay writing service told in their guides. You can find some of these requirements here . When it comes to spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure you have to make sure that if there is something wrong with the essay then fix it before I review it! If you don't do this then I am not going to grade your paper higher.  I suggest that you read my article on How To Write a Review Essay To make this process easier for both of us afterwards.


Peer-review and Proofreading


After you have done these steps, show your work to some friends or family members. Have them read through it and let them tell you what they think about it. After that ask them if there are any mistakes or improve anything. If everyone is happy with paper then I suggest that you check it yourself for any mistakes. Make sure that the spelling of names is correct, refer to my article on How To Proofread Essay .


It will be easier to spot each mistake one by one rather than a complete mess! This long process may seem like a lot of work but trust me when I say that it will be worth every minute when you receive your score at the end of the essay writing evaluation time frame.


If your instructor has graded the essay, ask him or her to give you feedback on your essay.  They might be able to help you see the essay from a different point of view and you will have additional information that can help you in your future writing.


It is also perfectly okay to ask friends, family members, or anyone else with a more  general education background for feedback. This will help you see your own essay through someone else eyes and may show things that you miss when editing.


My last bit of advice would be: Don't get frustrated! If it took me nine years to find out what works for me then it will take time for you to learn how to grade an essay effectively without being biased. After all the hard work is over then enjoy yourself when reviewing the final product because I sure do just like best essay writing service did.





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