Fascination For The Beautiful Game Baseball For The Americans

The History And Origin Of Baseball


Here are some reasons why Americans are so fascinated by the beautiful game of baseball.


Baseball is a part of the American fabric. It was popular at a time of great distress in American, the Great Depression, and provided distraction and enjoyment to many Americans who were out of work and under pressure. The game produced "larger than life" figures who captured the American public's imagination. Over the past 80 years, in spite of the growing popularity of other sports, it retains its hold on the American psyche. Get the most reliable and the best quality Javier Baez jersey.


Some items from someone who grew up with the game:


  1. Its long and rich history. Baseball has existed nearly as long as the US as the earliest pro teams were organized shortly after the Civil War, and baseball stats go back nearly as far. There's always lots to talk about concerning how this or that player compares with past greats.

  2. It probably has more and deeper statistics than any other team sport and over a longer period. Many American statisticians got into statistics when they discovered they could use stats to analyze baseball players and games.

  3. Baseball has an interesting combination of slowness and speed that gives a game a complex structure, where the early parts of the game are about scoring runs and the later parts of the game are about holding leads or comeback strategies. It is full of game situations that literally change from pitch to pitch.

  4. No clock. Baseball is completely self-defining, so you can't run out the clock. You can be 10 runs down in the ninth inning and still have a chance to win. In clock-base games, a couple of scores ahead late in the game and it's over, and most defensive strategies emphasize various forms of running out the clock.

  5. Baseball has a periodicity that flows with the years. It's spring! Winter ends, and baseball begins. And every day in the summer, there's a game. As of Fall approaches, the weather turns cooler and the games start to count more, until you get to the playoffs and the Series, just before the onset of winter.

  6. Its slowness and constant starts and stops allow for lots of socializing and conversation while watching the game. Lots of chats between parents and children happen at ballparks, as the kids learn the rules, talk about the players, and ask about game situations.


The beauty of baseball is when you cross the white lines. Your worldly troubles are forgotten, and the game, your only focus. Your goal, to defeat your opponent. You leave it all on the field. Let the chips fall where they may. You can hold your head up because you gave it your best effort.



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