How to cure diabetes in the human beings?

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Here in this article there are all the things that are needed to be known as well as familiar in case of the diabetes in the human beings. Before jumping into finding an answer for the how to cure diabetes let us first understand that what exactly the problem of diabetes is and what are the types of the same, etc. 

The diabetes problem is basically occurs in the human beings with high sugar levels in blood. There is a substance, which is known as the sugar that is known to be present in the human body, which is accountable for the activeness and functional growth of the human body. If that particular sugar level is extremely increased or decreased then it may cause problems like diabetes. 

There are generally 4 different types of the blood sugar or diabetes in the human beings. Knowing about all of these blood glucose levels types or we can say that the diabetes types is considered to be very much important for the person because it has been seen that the person might have to face some unnecessary as well as dangerous problem and repercussions of not taking care of the diabetes in the early stage. 

The following are some of the types of the diabetes that is very commonly seen in the human beings:

  1. Type 1 diabetes

This kind of the type 1 diabetes is considered to be an automatic immunity problem in the human beings. This particular diabetes type attacks directly to the internal cells that are available and present in the pancreas where the insulin is made in the body. However, it is still unknown that what actually creates the attack of the same. But, to be more specific on this, almost around 10 percent of the people who are suffering from the diabetes problem are having type 1 diabetes. 

  1. Type 2 diabetes

Generally, this kind of the diabetes is caused when the body of the human being becomes a bit resistant to the insulin and because of which the sugar levels of the person increases in the blood of the human being.

  1. Pre diabetes

This is also one of the diabetes types in the human beings. In this particular diabetes type the blood sugar levels of the blood in the human beings are higher than the normal levels but it is comparatively less than the type 2 diabetes 

  1. The gestational diabetes type

In this particular type of the diabetes in the human beings the blood sugar levels of the blood of the human get increased during the pregnancy time. Generally, the production of the insulin is stopped in the humans and  hormones are created, which is considered to be accountable as well as responsible for creating this type of the diabetes.

Therefore, the answer for the question of how to cure diabetes is to take care of the eating habits as well as medication on time. And if you are worried about how to do the same on a regular basis. Then on the official website of the BeatO brand the online consultation doctor is available in order to guide and suggest you the changes in the diet and medications.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of the blood sugar levels or diabetes in the human beings, which requires an immediate online consultation doctor online:

  1. Increased feeling of hunger and thirst in the person
  2. Person will start losing weight
  3. A sensation of urination very often
  4. Might face a blurry vision 
  5. Feel the feeling of fatigue
  6. The sores does not heal


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