The importance of re-designing your Website

If you've had your site for a time and haven't made any modifications to it (or have anyone else made modifications) It's the time to revamp it in some way. Every website, regardless of how unique they were at the time they were first created, could be improved with an ov


If you've had your site for a time and haven't made any modifications to it (or have anyone else made modifications) It's the time to revamp it in some way Every website, regardless of how unique they were at the time they were first created, could be improved with an overhaul.

There are many reasons to revamp your site

Due to the speed at that technology is evolving at a rapid pace It is crucial for your company's success that you stay on top of the latest developments in every way you can. This includes regularly updating your website's appearance and functions. If you make changes to these aspects of your site it will not only bring more people to your site, but you'll be able to convince visitors to stay longer on your site than they did previously (in the majority of instances). Naturally, it is a given that your site must be easy to use, clear concise, and highly effective. If you find that you're not getting the amount and quality of visitors to your website you'd like, you should take a examine what you've got and make adjustments that provide you with the results you desire. In this moment, you might be wondering whether you really need to revamp your website and you may also be thinking about how to tell whether you should make changes. There are certain indicators that will help you know what you have to do.


  • Your website isn't responding quickly:A very large number of visitors to your site are making use of mobile phones to connect to your site. If mobile device users are having trouble and not connecting with you due to a technical glitch on your site, it could mean that there is some reworking to be done. Making your website responsive to mobile device users requires some effort on the technical side to be prepared for. It's not impossible, however it is absolutely necessary. The main point is that when a user trying to connect to your site from an mobile device is unable to accomplish that task easily the user will move to a different website which is more accessible. It's not worth putting your money on being so impressive that someone is willing to stay with you, because the person won't stick with you.
  • There are features that aren't being used on your site:Initially, when you first started your website you might have had difficulty determining what features would be most well-liked by your visitors and which would be outdated due to absence of interest on the part of the user. There may also be some features that were logical to you at the time you first launched your site. It's possible these features no longer are logical. If they're no longer being utilized, it is best to remove them so that you can make use of the space to develop useful features that people would like to utilize.
  • The rationale for the existence of your website is no longer valid:Going back to the idea of outdated features The same idea could be applicable to your site. Of course, it's quite possible that your company has grown to the degree that some of the information you have on your site is no longer relevant. There's a good chance that you've incorporated social media as well as other online tools into your marketing strategy. Naturally, this must be evident on your website and displayed prominently. In this case, not only do you have to revamp your website, but you might also have to consider a complete rebranding.


Making significant modifications to your websiteAs you think about the changes you will make to your website, there are a variety of alternatives to be aware of.


  • Visual aspects:Even even if your visitors on the site know precisely what they want to find and go straight to the relevant information the first thing they are going to react to when they go to your site will be the aesthetic aspect of it. If your site isn't visually appealing, they might not continue to your site. The last thing that you want is an increase in bounce rates, particularly when you could make changes to improve the circumstance. It is possible to use a contemporary style and bright, cheerful colors. Graphic images can also be crucial. It is crucial to realize that it might not cost you a huge amount of money to accomplish this. Of course, you'll need to spend time thinking about the options you'd like to do and then implement the changes yourself or hiring someone else to do it, however, a lot of the options accessible to you might not be expensive in the least.
  • Create a website that is easy to use:Your overhauled website should be easy to navigate, and should be quick. Most people are very busy and no one would like to spend time. They don't have the time to waste. Keep in mind your idea of being simple and succinct. If you adhere to this, you won't be wrong. It is also important to make sure that your website's content is updated regularly (although it's not necessary to be obsessed with changing it frequently). Nothing is more frustrating than content that isn't updated regularly. It gives visitors to your site the impression that you aren't interested enough to take care of your website.
  • Keep your word:If you communicated with your internet connections and the communication was based on some kind of promise. You have to keep it each time. Simply, if you promise, you deliver. Your reputation is at stake and it is essential to make your counterpart understand that you are an individual of integrity and that your company will be conducted exactly the same way.



It is likely that you have a fantastic website , and re-designing it is definitely not a declaration that states that it is not worth it anymore. It is essential to make improvements to what you've put so much effort into. Making these changes will give an extremely positive image to those browsing your site. They will be enthralled by the improvements you have made and will join in the journey. Naturally, it is a given that the changes that are made to your site were carefully thought-out and planned to ensure that visitors to your site get the best experience from your website. In addition, it is essential to ensure that the message you put on your site is what you want it to be. If you are clear in your communication your message, it will be properly received.

Michael Cohn is the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CompuKol Communications. He has more than twenty-five years' experience working in IT and web-based technologies. He. Cohn spent a significant period of time working for an important telecommunications firm, in which his primary focus was in establishing and leading synergy initiatives throughout all units of business by significantly improving efficiency as well as online collaboration and corporate Intranet capabilities, which led to rapid the growth of business productivity. He also cut down on travel for the company and travel expenses through the introduction and implementation of various technologies for collaboration.

His experience includes business analysis, management of projects; managing global teams of cross-matrix; systems analysis and engineering Architecture, prototyping, and integration evaluation of technology and assessment system development; performance evaluation and managing off-shore development.


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