However as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you

However as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you


However don’t throw out your old glass doors just yet either. The convenience and sophisticated look of the glass doors seem to be firmly entrenched in some quarters. True blue die-hards of the glass doors will swear by these and will even sometimes be ready to lay down their life for them – almost. Whereas you’ll find that with fabric shower curtains the people are more laid back and will smile most mysteriously when asked about their preferences. Naturally they’ll stick by their fabric shower curtains but they also see the advantages in the glass doors as well. No dripping from the bottom of the curtain as you take a shower, no constantly damp curtain layers that need to be separated out each morning to dry and air out. And best of all is the easy cleaning afforded by the glass doors.

However as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you, glass doors have their downsides as well. The biggest being that if you let the cleaning of the doors go for even one week, stains will begin to form along the sides where they’re fixed to the wall, some of which prove to have a stronger will than you do. And without a good regular wipe-down of the doors your otherwise nice clean bathroom will begin to look grungy. The reason though why fabric shower curtains are an all time favorite of many people in the know, is for one reason and one reason only. This is also what leads these people to have a contented smile on their faces even after they’ve just spent the last half hour cleaning their bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are disposable.

Yes, that’s the one whopping big reason why fabric shower curtains continue to be a firm favorite of a lot of people. Have you ever tried replacing your glass doors on a regular basis? It just won’t happen and it’s doubtful if it will ever happen within a span of five years. Unless that is you take a very large sledgehammer to it "by accident". So now you know the reason behind that mysterious smile and why fabric shower curtains never really went out of fashion. Convenience, convenience and more convenience. So if you’re thinking of changing from your Shower Seat Manufacturers glass shower doors to the more convenient fabric shower curtains don’t be put off by the initial job that awaits you. Once you remove those doors, your life is bound to become simpler, and if it’s not, just exchange one set of curtains for another. If nothing else it’ll make you feel more cheerful!


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