Do you want to spend a more meaningful Christmas at ACBellsBuy?

Our animals crossing the island will look even more festive in December. Because we will usher in the most important Christmas.


Our animals crossing the island will look even more festive in December. Because we will usher in the most important Christmas.


Christmas is aptly called Toy Day in the game. Most holiday fun takes place on December 24 or Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. During the event, the trees will be covered with colorful lights, and the villagers will decorate their homes with holiday decorations. There will also be music on your island with a special theme of Toy Day. The most important thing is that a special person will visit the player's island on Christmas Day.


Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer, is the iconic character of Christmas. Jingle will show up at 5 AM on December 24 and stay there until 5 AM on December 25. After the player meets Jingle, Jingle will give you two tasks: make holiday wrapping paper and ask you to give gifts to the villagers. Once you have completed these two things, Jingle will give you additional rewards.


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Making holiday wrapping paper

Making holiday wrapping paper is a relatively simple task. After the player talks with Jingle, he will unlock a holiday wrapping paper DIY recipe. The unlocked wrapping paper DIY recipe will tell you the materials needed to make it. Blue decorations*3, yellow decorations*3, and red decorations*3 are required to make holiday wrapping paper DIY recipes. Shake the Christmas tree to get decorations of random colors. Shake it a few times to collect decorations of different colors. By the way, you can also go to the Nook shop to purchase decorations of different colors using bells. Whenever you choose Buy ACNH NMT, it will play an important role in the game.


Exchange gifts with villagers

Santa Claus has a Magic Bag with items. After the wrapping paper DIY recipe is made, Jingle will give you a Magic Bag. Magic Bag visits gifts exchanged with players. Players must deliver all gifts before the time expires. Because Jingle and magic bags will disappear at 5 am local time on December 25th. The villagers on your island may be anywhere on the island, which requires players to run around and talk to your villagers.


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If you don't want to dress up as Santa Claus, you don't need to wear a red hat. Your villagers will know that the gift comes from Santa Claus when they see the Magic Bag. When meeting villagers, you don't need to choose what gifts to give them. The Magic Bag enables you to automatically pull out the right gift for each neighbor. After giving the gift, go back to Jingdang. He will give you DIY recipes for toy skis and gift piles.


All toy day gifts purchased at Nook's Cranny

Your villagers will love any gift you give them. In addition to giving out Santa's gifts on December 24th. you can also exchange gifts with villagers as needed. Nook's Cranny sells interesting toys. You can buy these toys with bells. Then give these toys to your favorite Animal Crossing character. If you need enough bells, you can choose Buy Nook Miles Tickets from like me. To welcome MERRY CHRISTMAS activities. Use CODE: MA25 to buy any item and enjoy 15% off. This way we can save a lot of money.

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