6 books you can follow for better essay writing

Essay writing is an integral part of any student’s life, and they must learn how to write an excellent essay to be successful


Essay writing is an integral part of any student’s life, and they must learn how to write an excellent essay to be successful. However, they tend to take essay help Online because they simply lack the knowledge and techniques to write a good essay.

However, you can follow certain books if you want to be more proficient in writing essays. On that note, here are six books that you can follow for better essay writing –

  1. Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students

This is an ideal book to start with if you are an international student looking to learn essay writing. Going through this book is a must before you start attending your college or university. This book has many examples that will help you write excellent essays. In addition, there are multiple exercises for the students to try out at home. So it is a nice medium to practice self-study in your own time.

  1. College Essay Essentials: A Step-by-step Guide To Writing A Successful CollegeAdmissions Essay

Writing an application letter to enrol in colleges makes the students nervous. Ethan Sawyer, the writer of this book, who was a college counsellor by profession, wrote this book, keeping such students in mind. This book is an excellent guide to help you write smooth college applications. It also gives you ideas about proposal essay topics.

  1. Oxford A-Z Of Grammar and Punctuation

You need complete mastery of grammar to write a perfect essay. Unfortunately, many students find English grammar confusing and unintuitive. This book comes extremely handy to those who want on-the-go guidance for English grammar. This pocket grammar book literally covers A to Z of English grammar.

This book gives you straightforward advice from writing a professional piece or personal letter to providing an Help with Matlab Assignment. The book's small size also proves convenient as you can carry it anywhere in your handbag.

  1. How To Write An Essay in Five Easy Steps

Are you searching for an easy introduction for your essay? Do you want your introduction to be short and concise as well? Then this book is a must for you. This is a brief book with only 58 pages written in lucid English. Yet, it is an effortless read, with the authors making sure to write every step in detail. Thus, it becomes the perfect book for online report writing even one day before your exam or assignment submission.

  1. A Professor’s Guide to Writing Essays: The No-Nonsense Plan For Better Writing

This book is written from the perspective of an eminent professor, Dr Jacob Neumann. He explains what the colleges and the professors demand and expect from the students in college. The writing highlighted his idea that writing any essay is the same; the approach must be right. The only thing that changes is the length and complexity of the essay.

  1. 100 Ways to Improve your Writing

Although this book was written over thirty years back, it still proves to be a valuable book for essay writing tips. This book consists of plenty of writing tips with examples. Even the statistics assignment experts agencies cannot explain writing tips as easily as this book.

These are six of the best books school, or college students can follow to write better essays. Not only that, even professional writers can take inspiration from these books if they feel.


Essay writing is an essential part of the academic life of every student aspiring to pursue higher studies. You should also learn to write the papers on your own. Following the above-mentioned books will certainly help you do that.

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