Kazakh National Medical University

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Kazakh National Medical University is a pioneer university in producing exceptional medical professionals for the country. 90 years of heroic history in elevating medical personnel to the country. More than 80,000 specialized physicians are graduates of the Kazakh National Medical University. Kazakh National Medical University has established many milestones in the history of global medical education, and the research of knowledge, skills and medical education that will greatly expand the lives of outstanding, dedicated and professional medical practitioners. The University adheres to the principles and values ​​of medical professionals and develops values ​​and ethics that attract a large number of medical professionals for the benefit of the community.


Why Kazakh National Medical University

The best medical education institutions make history by providing their best medical education

90 years of rich tradition of improving the quality of European education

To date there are more than 80,000 various specialized graduate doctors

Currently 10,000 foreigners from 17 countries are studying medicine

Kazakh National Medical University is a milestone in the history of medical education in the country

WHO, NMC Accredited Medical University

1500 top faculty members enthusiastically promote medical knowledge and skills

116 joint universities in 27 countries have dual programs

Technologically advanced theoretical classrooms, laboratories and other facilities

International contacts for research and other projects

Link to the best hospitals to provide medical revelations

Teaching the English way

The elegant and beautiful campus provides an ideal environment for learning

7 dormitories to provide accommodation for all students in need

Food is served at both Indian University and dormitories

Admission does not require a donation or capitation fee or any additional fees

Easy admission process and friendly support from the authorities

Low and affordable payment system

The best and best university to study modern medical education with expertise


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