Acrylic wall panels give you the freedom to be daring and make a statement

For new shower enclosure installations, we've discovered a solution that is both more cost-effective and quicker to install than traditional tiles, saving you time and money


For new shower enclosure installations, we've discovered a solution that is both more cost-effective and quicker to install than traditional tiles, saving you time and money.

Due to the large amount of adhesives and grout that must be dealt with, not to mention the fiddly cutting of tiles to size that must be done with specialized tools, tile installation can be an extremely messy endeavor. A disappointing outcome is possible with respect to the final product.

For bathroom projects of any size, we have recently introduced a fantastic new range of innovative new Zenolite acrylic wall panels on VictoriaPlum. com, which are a fantastic alternative to tiles.

What exactly are acrylic wall panels, and how do they function in practice?

Our bathroom wall panels, which are made of 4mm multi-layered acrylic and provide watertight protection for the walls of your bathroom, are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are particularly well suited for use in splash zones such as shower areas, above bathtubs, and around kitchen sinks. In order to meet your specific requirements, they are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2070x1000mm to 2440x1220mm, depending on your needs.

They are available in nine different colors, allowing you to match and complement your existing furnishings. Some of these colors are ice white, fire red, water blue, and earth green, just to name a few of the options.

Simply cut and shape the material to the desired size before adhering it to your walls with our specialized fixing kit, which is included with the purchase.

With this pale blue air coloured acrylic wall panel, you will have the appearance of coloured glass without any of the hassle.

The benefits of using acrylic wall panels are numerous.

Similarly to bathroom tiles, our acrylic wall panels ensure that your walls are completely waterproof. Due to the fact that there are no joints to seal on your walls, other than those around the edges, there is virtually no opportunity for mould to grow on them.

Put another way, the non-stick surface is resistant to soap and calcium deposits, making cleanup a breeze.

Cutting, shaping, and installing them are all quick and simple, which means there is no need to fuss with messy grouting afterward. As a result, you'll have a professional-looking finish in a fraction of the time.

Due to the fact that they have 20 times the impact strength of glass while weighing only a quarter of the weight, they are extremely safe and simple to use in your bathroom.

As a result of the permanent bonding of the pigment to the clear layer, an extremely bold and vibrant finish is achieved, which will last for an extremely long time.

The use of color-matched end caps and joints, as well as a specialized fixing kit, allows for a more cohesive design and a more professional appearance.

For your bathroom, you can choose from a variety of bold, vibrant colors to complement your color scheme, giving it a clean and contemporary appearance.

Is the beauty of acrylic wall panels something that you've been drawn to?

Today is a great day to take a look at our extensive selection of acrylic shower wall panels and bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century!