When will World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Phase 3 release?

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The next replica tier for WoW Classic TBC is coming, with two instances available by the end of the month.

Phase 3 of TBC will include the release of the iconic Black Temple raid, culminating in an encounter with the infamous Illidan Stormrage. Additionally, players can head to the Caverns of Time for the Battle of Mount Hyjal's five bosses.

In a post by Blizzard on its forums, the developers announced that Phase 3 will officially begin today, the start of Season 3 of Arena. Next week, on January 27, instances of the highly anticipated raid will open to players.

When the new raids open, the raids on the previous tier, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, will start dropping three class set tokens instead of just two. This will act as a catch-up mechanic for players who may be a little behind or have alternate characters.

While new PvP seasons and raids are the most notable elements of Phase 3 content, there's more to come. Starting next week, players will be able to earn new epic-quality gems from the Caverns of Time and new raids.

Additionally, players will be able to begin their journey of prestige with the Netherwing dragons through Shadowmoon's daily quests as well as collecting eggs. Hit Prestige gives players access to the extremely popular Netherdrake mounts.

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