How to link your credit card to Coinbase wallet?

If you have read this article till the last, you must have understood how easy it is to link a payment method to a Coinbase wallet. After the completion of the ACH verification process, you will be able to use your card whenever you wish to purchase cryptos from your wallet. If you are hav


Coinbase has managed to build a strong reputation in the crypto world by providing users with a safe and secure crypto trading experience. And to comply with the ongoing advancements in technology, the company thought of developing safe crypto storage for the traders and that it named as Coinbase wallet. However, using this wallet requires a user to undergo a process that needs to be completed in order to get started.

After you have primarily set up your wallet, you need to make sure that you add a payment method to it so that you can directly buy cryptos from your wallet. Since using a credit card with your wallet is by far one of the best payment options, you need to follow these steps for the same.

Here is how to link a payment method in Coinbase wallet

In order to move further in the process, you need to first log in to your wallet and follow the quick instructions listed below:

  1. Tap on the Coinbase wallet app icon and open it
  2. Then, you need to click on the "Settings" option on the app
  3. After this, select the option to initiate the transfer from Coinbase sign in
  4. Select the option labeled as "Buy crypto"
  5. Tap on one of the given tokens for purchase
  6. Select the amount and choose the option to add a payment method
  7. To complete the process, add the details of your credit card

Once you have added a bank account or any other payment method, you need to wait for about 3-5 days to get the verification completed and the method to be added to your account.

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