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Most of my stats can be placed using"high score "high scores" portion of OSRS gold so be sure to check there if any questions arise about what I may or might not be capable of. Level 91 combat rating. Breakidz is my Runescape name and I'd like to add me or message me whenever I'm online, if you would like to assist me, or if you need my help. ANY tips/tricks or help online will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Summoning is trained by making summoning pouches. Pouches can be employed to summon your familiars. They can also be converted to scrolls (for the special attack) for extra exp, though this isn't always an optimal choice. To make a pouch you need to be at one of the four major obelisks. Realistically, there are two mega-obelisks to use which is the one located in Taverly and under the Pikkupstix's home and the other in Piscatoris. Taverly will be the one you will use the most in the beginning. Once you are there, you need 4 things:

A empty pouch. Purchase from Pikkupstix upstairs. Spirit shreds: the number that chnages for each of the familiars. Again, buy from pikkupstix. Charms: There are four types, and various pouches require different kinds. A tertiaryitem: this is a random item assigned to each pouch. For instance, a spirit tigerbird requires raw bird meat. Find all the items before clicking the an obelisk. There are pouches you can make. This is how you can earn an xp boost and you build up your fitness, going back and forth between a bank making pouches.

It's helpful in situations where you may require a variety of tools, and the requirement for inventory space exceeds the need for "high -level" personal tools. Two examples that come immediately to mind are Hunting along with the Abyss. Hunting? Lolwhut...

In case you require a hatchet to aid in setting up your trap, you can use it to check for potential traps. And you can also use it as a tinderbox for cooking the meat you get while waiting for your traps to be caught. Who does pitfall hunting for any reason at all? Cooking your meat is a inefficient use of your time. You're better off alching or rs 2007 gold doing something else should you be forced to wait.