7 Things To Look For Before Purchasing A N95 Mask

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N95 masks are very popular in the market as they provide better protection against viruses and bacteria. Many health agencies such as the Public Health branch of Canada have stated that N95 respirators and medical masks clearly provide better protection.

 People who are at higher risk of infection mostly rely upon the N95 masks and keep themselves safe in the crowd. Respirators and medical masks that are sold in Canada require to meet the standards of breathability, filtration, fluid resistance, and NIOSH standards.

 Health Care Emerdepot is one of the top medical equipment suppliers in Canada that provides medical products online. While these masks better protection there are many N95 masks that are sold fake in the market.

But these points will help you spot the NIOSH certified N95 mask and a fake N95 mask

  • NIOSH spelled incorrectly
  • No markings present on the filtering facepiece of the respirator
  • No NIOSH markings
  • Presence of decorative add-ons like decorative fabric
  • Claims as the of approval for children
  • Filtering facepiece respirator has ear loops instead of containing headbands

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