Metal Spinning Target For Use With .177-Caliber And .22-Caliber Pellets

Metal Spinning Target For Use With .177-Caliber And .22-Caliber Pellets


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TARGET FACES IN TWO SIZES TO CHALLENGE YOUR SKILLS - Extra set of target face decals included



Get more gratification from this all-metal spinning target system than a full Saturday of watching cartoons. With two target sizes you’ll run out of ammo before you ever get bored. An extra set of target decals are included and because it’s easily movable, it’s infinitely range able.

When t’s time to go to grandpa’s house, this target folds up for easy peasy portability.

Get off the sofa and Take It Outside!

I purchased this a while ago but. I recently started using it. this works great for target practice you'll have to dig Target into the ground to have it stable it is top heavy. Very strong pellets disintegrate on contact I'm shooting from a distance of 60 ft using a Gamo varmint 1250. Target is holding up very well and I enjoy the sound it makes when you hit it. You will have to make sure you have a backstop in my case I have my homemade pellet trap behind it to capture and he misses. Or if you're in a wide open space have at it lots of fun.

Great little crossman shooting target. We use while camping in with slingshot and daisy quarter inch load. Comes with extra stickers to replace once worn. Very sturdy target made of steel and thick coat of black paint. Folds flat for easy storage. Larger side targets are the size of an apple while middle target is around the size of a golf ball.

I have a .22 nitro gas break barrel sniper air rifle that routinely hits over 1000 fps on the meter with 15Gr target copper ammo. I set the target at 75 yards. If you want to get good, this is an inexpensive and reliable target. It's lived outdoors on my property for 1 month fully surviving rain, heat and cold. It makes a nice ping sound when hit and spins around like it should. The drawback is that I went through the paste-on targets the day I bought it. But as I hit the targets, they ding up in a way where it becomes shiny silver and easy to see. This will entertain folks that want to improve their skills inexpensively. It will likely not entertain or even frustrate some people as the targets are small for the casual shooter unless the targets are really close.

I use a break barrel pellet rifle with hollow point pellets. It's important to note that the target frame should be aligned squarely in front of your shooting position. So when you do hit the BULLEYE, the targets will spin. I've purchased some small 2.5-inch adhesive targets to replace the used ones. I've ranged and zeroed my rifle scope at 65 feet and it gives a nice report when I score hits. No problem with the size. If you're shooting pellets with an air rifle your accuracy should be three-inch groups anyway.

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