N95 Mask And Its Precautions

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The N95 mask is a protective respiratory device that was designed to achieve a close facial fit and efficient airborne particles filtration. The surgical N95 masks are commonly used in health care sectors and public places.

Precautions of N95 Mask

You must follow certain precautions while using an N95 particulate respirator

  • People who have chronic and respiratory diseases might feel difficulty in breathing. In this case, they must check with their health care professional before using an N95 respirator
  • Dispose of your respirator if it is soiled or damaged or if your breathing becomes difficult and replace it with a new particulate respirator. After discarding your N95 mask safely put it into the trash and wash your hands.
  • Note that N95 respirators are not designed for children and people with facial hair. Because children and people with beards do not achieve a perfect fit of N95 mask and also it does not provide complete protection.

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