Coinbase wallet: How to set up a crypto wallet

Coinbase wallet: How to set up a crypto wallet


Cryptocurrencies with their worth in thousands and millions of dollars have definitely employed the need for using crypto wallet services. Tons of crypto variants made their way to the lives of the exchange platforms and wallet services. Coinbase has been recognized as the number one brand in offering the best services when it comes to transactions for crypto trading or investments around the world.

Features of Coinbase wallet

In this section, readers will get to know the characteristics of Crypto wallet:

  • Security and safety of Coinbase account are the major traits of the wallet service
  • The wallet feature let users make complete trade transactions
  • Holding the digital assets in the Coinbase wallet helps the users in earning interest (DEXs)
  • Easy and simple user interface and smooth trade route for crypto transactions

Extension or the Mobile app?

It has always been an application-based service and users need to get the Coinbase wallet app either for desktop or smartphone. The Coinbase wallet service offers quick and smooth crypto activities, professionals recommend using the Coinbase wallet for smartphones. The major reason behind it as it makes it easy to make crypto payments, trade transactions, and other related operations.

Steps to download Coinbase for Desktop/ Smartphone:

  For Desktop:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Search ‘Coinbase Wallet Login Extension’
  3. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button
  4. ‘Add Extension’ for chrome in the bookmark bar
  5. Launch the Coinbase extension

  For Mobile:

  1. Open the Play Store or the Apple App store
  2. Type and search ‘Coinbase wallet’ app
  3. Download and install the application
  4. Open the app and log in with your email address


Coinbase Wallet is known to be one of the most efficient wallet services available in the crypto world. For beginners, it is the best platform to start with but if you’re a professional then we might consider you to use the Coinbase wallet Pro application. Also, there is detailed information for downloading the Coinbase wallet for desktops and smartphones. However, if you face any problems or have any queries regarding this topic then feel free to contact the Coinbase customer support team or visit the official website.


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