headline the sixth edition


Tonight, this is a proud moment for the city.It was close to 10 pm, when Mustaine said: “Hang on, we have one more song before Holy Wars. “I’ve been a fan of rock music since I saw Aerosmith play in Bangalore in 2007. “Why are they all wearing black t-shirts ” asked a waiter, to which one group replied: “This is metal, even if the glass falls from your tray, that’s metal.

I broke my phone in the mosh pit but I have no regrets,” said Nisha Shetty, a 25-year-old marketing professional. Phrases like “That’s actually Dave Mustaine (the frontman) there” to “I’m the king” (from the song Kill The King) reverberated in the Richardson Cruddas premises in Byculla, painting the entire neighbourhood in ‘black’.” At sharp 8. Mustaine, who is 54, still managed to bring out the same aggression. While the song, true to its name wrought enough havoc upon the arena, a placard, from the audience, directed to the stage perfectly captured the crowd’s feelings and read, “Thank You.”.

Mustaine’s thick, long mane covered one side of his face as he started the opening arpeggio of the controversial Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free). I feel I am in Los Angeles,” he said. The bar, often host Metal Gauze Corrugated Packing Suppliers to the elderly government servants, turned ‘black’ as well.“I’ve never seen the city unite together the way it did for this gig. He is known for his stint with Lamb of God — another popular heavy metal band.Aakash Singh Mehta, a 45-year-old, came with his son. Even before Mustaine’s fingers ran on his fret-board, the momentum had already been built up by the spectators — few on the road and more inside a small watering hole in the neighbourhood. Despite all the bans, the authorities did not say ‘no’ to the loudness.” And then, went on to play Symphony of Destruction.‘Lost in a dream, nothing is what it seems’ — words penned by the popular thrash metal band Megadeth echoed in the minds of Mumbaikars on Friday as the US-based band flew down to headline the sixth edition of Harley Rock Riders.

Apart from Mustaine, everyone’s eyes were also on Chris Adler — the drummer, who recently joined the group. With a playlist comprising Hangar 18, Trust, Peace Sells and more, the spectators broke into a mosh.The concert reached a crescendo with Sweating Bullets as the sea of people joined in chorus.33 pm, the band took stage

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