Nail This Season’s Fashion By Wearing Pencil Pants To Your Parties

Do you want to know how women got into pants or actually pencil pants?


Do you want to know how women got into pants or actually pencil pants? The credit for this all goes to those women who wore bloomers under their skirts. The poufy bloomers looked silly in retrospect but they represented the humble beginnings of women’s pants. Though pants are a staple in most western women’s closets today, flaunting pants, even under skirts, required a dose of fashion fortitude in the mid-1800s. In early 1900s, the first trousers for women were strictly for mobility and work related purposes, not fashion. Droves of women during WWI went to work in factories at home while their men charged off to war. In the 1920s, the innovative Coco Chanel stole her lover’s clothing for herself, this time his riding trousers, causing a bit of an uproar among polite society. This gave her the idea to design the first women’s trousers, though they were for the sole purpose of horseback riding.Fearless and free of society’s constraints, some celebritiestook the liberty to try trousers. Finally, it was in 1950’s when women first really enjoyed the freedom of wearing pants as acceptable women’s clothing. Women’s 1950s pants were taboo on TV until Mary Tyler Moore was seen wearing them on the Dick Van Dyke Show. After that, women were more comfortable wearing pants outside of the home. There were two styles of women pants in the beginning, namely capri and cigarette pants, also called pencil pants. Both became equally popular and are still so tile date. Pencil pants have high waists, side or back zippers, flat fronts, wide waistbands, full hips and are slim fitting through the legs. They end at just above the ankle. Good pants were always lined. Having baggy knee pants was taboo so lining helped keep the leg straight and wrinkle free.

Nowadays, pencil pants for ladies are available in almost all colours. Every woman years to at least one pair of pencil pants or cigarettes pants in her wardrobe. This style of 1950’s faded away in between but is back in fashion again. Fashion pundits always say that there are some classics that never go out of fashion and pencil pants is just one of them. They give women an ultra-modern look. Besides looks, they are comfortable too. They are travel-friendly and a tough performer. They are made with fabric and details that will let you explore with grace and ease.


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