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An essay is similar to a presentation. An essay is the presentation of one’s ideas, thinking, and a way of expressing one’s thoughts. An essay can also act as a vessel to express one’s interests, express or persuade the readers. Essays can be of numerous types but are mostly classified into four categories: argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays. Although the purpose of writing these four kinds of essays may vary, the elements of these essays more or less remain the same. To write an essay, some key elements need to be kept in mind by an essay writer. There are ten key elements without which an essay is considered incomplete.

A thesis statement 

The first and most important element of an essay is its thesis statement. A thesis statement is a foundation on which every essay stands and that guides the follow of an entire essay. A thesis statement contains the statement of your stance followed by the reasons of the author to justify the statement. Each paragraph of the body section represents the reasoning or persuasive part of the thesis statement. An Dissertation Writing Services needs to develop the thesis statement way before writing the essay, as more time allocation to the thesis statement refines your stance over time.

An outline

Without an outline your essay would be all over the place, therefore, to achieve an A grade an outline must be created. An Outline must be drafted to effectively incorporate all the elements of the thesis statement in the body sections. The outline is a rough framework for an essay writer and serves as a tool to organize the entire essay before even writing it. By following an outline, the writer has lesser chances of leaving an important point or detail out of the essay. Therefore, it is ideal for an essay writer to form an outline before writing an essay.

A hook statement

The writer should think of an appealing hook and place it as the first sentence of the Essay. A hook catches the attention of the readers and makes them more interested in reading the essay. A hook can be a statement or an interesting question that the reader is seeking an answer for.

An elaborate introduction section

An introduction paragraph is ideally the first paragraph of an essay. An introduction paragraph introduces the writer’s ideas and stance to the readers. It initiates with a hook and informs the readers about the background of the topic "Buy dissertation". This may be new for you, but I write my paper like this since sixth grade and have been getting an A since. The last sentence of an essay should be the thesis statement.

Topic sentences

The next key element of an essay is topic sentences. The topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph that introduces the paragraph. The function of a topic sentence is to make the reader aware of the subject of the topic without giving away too much information. Without a topic sentence, there would be vague transitions between paragraphs. Another reason an essay writer should include a topic sentence as the first line of each paragraph is to make sure he doesn’t wander around in the paragraph and to stay on topic.

Valid premises

Every professionally done essay should include a valid premise that precedes every evidence in the essay. A premise is a substance that a writer takes to prove his point. A premise should not contain any evidence in itself but should instead introduce the evidence to create a strong impact in the reader’s mind. A premise justifies the stance taken in each topic sentence to further strengthen the thesis of the essay.

Valid evidence

An essay is incomplete without evidence. Evidence is proof that justifies and proves one’s stance. An essay is considered ineffective if it lacks factual and contextual evidence. The evidence advances the premise and justifies it to uphold the point of the author, as it is necessary to appeal to the masses.

One idea per paragraph

Each body paragraph should only discuss one main idea. Everybody's paragraph must consist of only one main idea that needs to be discussed in the entire paragraph, to provide each stance a valid chance of expression. To write effectively and cover every point thoroughly, each body paragraph should be of almost equal length. Therefore, a similar word count should be allotted by the essay writer online to each body paragraph to effectively a lot of word count to each paragraph.

Concluding sentences

Body paragraphs need to include a concluding sentence. A concluding sentence is the last sentence of a paragraph. Each concluding sentence completes the respective paragraph and summarizes the stance of every paragraph. It should include words like therefore, henceforth, thus, and consequently to support the presence and demonstration of cause and effect.

A concluding paragraph

A concluding paragraph must restate the thesis in the first statement of the paragraph to remind the reader of the opinion and argument of the writer. The essay writer must then summarize the entire essay as this is the last chance for the writer to restate his thoughts or to persuade the reader.

Lastly, a bonus tip is to proofread. Proofreading allows checking for grammatical mistakes, alignment of the paragraphs and makes sure that no important point in the essay is left out "write my essay". Even after all these tips, if you’re unable to write an essay, then one should choose a professional paper writing service that helps students in guiding and aiding them in writing. 


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