The importance of Literature Review in Research Writing

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The goal of a literature review is to find out what is already known about an issue. It examines and synthesizes scholarly papers and other relevant sources on a topic of interest. It shows your knowledge of the literature that has already been conducted by other scholars. It includes a description and explanation of the sources cited to give the reader a better idea of the literature utilized in the paper. If your literature review is part of a broader research effort, you should attempt to find an "essay writer" in the literature and place your study inside it, signifying the value your research would add to the area.

To write a masterful literature review, the first and the most important step is to understand the research question. By clarifying your own mind about the research question under study you are better able to filter important concepts from unimportant ones and it will save you precious time that you might be wasting with aimless reading.

A literature review is a summary of the existing writings in the field you are researching, and which will eventually fit in your thesis. An easy way to write a literature review is to make an annotated bibliography first. In an annotated bibliography each citation is followed by a short paragraph that introduces the main objective of the paper and gives further details to allow the reader to assess the quality and relevancy of the sources. Annotated bibliographies are very important in helping an essay writer gather his/her thoughts on how to utilize the information in the sources cited. 

If you can master annotated bibliographies, writing a literature review will become an easy task. Annotated bibliographies are not that difficult. At the beginner level I was not able to extract the right information and write my essay but there’s nothing a little practice cannot solve. The best thing about an annotated bibliography is that they are the basics of a literature review. If you can nail an annotated bibliography, you can write a top-notch literature review in no time!

After you have written down your annotated bibliography, the next tip is to mix and match, mix and match relevant literature like you’d do with your clothes. Find similarities among sources in the form of methodology, results, conclusion, or similarities could even mean contrasts. See if certain studies produce opposite results while using the same research methodology. Start with a topic sentence for each paragraph and connect these studies with each other using a bridge, or transition words.

An underrated tip and overlooked one is looking through the reference list or bibliography of one of the papers you have already selected for your literature review. This would immensely improve your search skills and it will allow you to save hours you might be spending on finding each reference yourself.

Another pro tip to write a masterful literature review is to list down the keyword when you are understanding the topic. Using database-specific parameters can help you accomplish hours of a task in minutes. All professional essay writing service use the Boolean search to refine their search for articles. If you are searching for the best steak in New York, use a Boolean modifier such as AND, OR, and NOT to limit your search to only two keywords “Steak” AND “New York”. This will give you data sources of articles that only contain these specific keywords.

A typical error in writing a literature review is to become mired down in bland explanations of the content of the various sources like books, journals, articles, and reports that you have been reading. Relate just the material which is immediately relevant to your topic and spend as much time as possible in assessing the comparative relevance of numerous sources for your own goals.

The next pro tip is to be critical and consistent in your analysis of the literature such that a literature review demands coherence, as well as critical thought. A critical approach to all examined information is the method to guarantee the removal of simple description and the placing of correct emphasis on original analysis. A competent review not only sums up the literature but critically examines it, finds methodological flaws, and highlights research gaps.

Start writing the literature review by following the organization of heading and subheadings you have created. Make sure every part logically relates to the first and the next section. Structure your sections by subjects or topics, not by scholars or theories. This will help you build up an organized structure of your literature review and it will assist you in connecting relevant literature.

Last but not the least, always make sure to proofread and edit your paper or essay. It is because one can never write a perfect and error-free essay or paper in one click. Hence, proofreading and editing will help you eliminate the problems and make your essay a perfect piece that will then make you stand out. 


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