The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO: an electric delivery vehicle

The Rocks-e is an innovative and emission-free micro LCV.


Opel is expanding the range of the recently announced electric Rocks-e with a micro-commercial vehicle variant. The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO is only 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide, and 1.52 meters high, yet offers about 260 liters of flexible loading space (up to the top of the modular load space). With its turning circle of only 7.20 meters, the Rocks-e KARGO is easy to maneuver through the narrowest alleys. In combination with the range of 75 kilometers, this micro commercial vehicle is ideal for emission-free delivery of, for example, packages, meals (such as pizzas), or medicines in inner-city areas.

The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO is a very compact, zero-emission commercial vehicle that meets and overcomes everyday challenges. It is an innovative, practical, efficient, and fully electric car. It is an innovative vehicle that many customers have been waiting for. Where scooters or larger vans run into limitations, this compact newcomer offers the best of both worlds and new opportunities for entrepreneurs. For example, it is perfect for "last-mile delivery," says Robin Uebbing, general manager at Opel.

Innovative answer for delivery services

In the Opel Rocks-e KARGO electric car, the passenger seat has been replaced by a modular cargo area that is separated from the driver's position by a wall. However, the driver has just as much space and driving comfort as in the regular Rocks-e. In addition, the cargo area is easily accessible through the passenger door or from the driver's position. In the latter case, there is access via a hatch above the cargo area, which opens towards the windscreen. The entire load compartment cover can be folded up for access through the passenger door. When folded down and locked, the body can support up to 40 kg and can be used as a desk with a non-slip surface. Convenient recesses in the surface accommodate delivery lists, an A4 clipboard, or a laptop or tablet. Also within easy reach of the driver is an additional, foldable storage compartment for small items such as sunglasses, agenda, or pens. The height of the cargo area cover provides unrestricted all-round visibility.

To make the loading area of ​​the Opel Rocks-e KARGO even more flexible, the cover can also be removed entirely and stored behind the driver's seat. More extensive and higher objects can also be transported in this way. In addition, the load floor on the passenger side is height-adjustable. Placing it higher creates two separate compartments. With the floor in the lowest position, there is room for objects up to 1.20 meters long. In total, the highly compact and maneuverable Opel Rocks-e KARGO offers around 260 liters of cargo space and a payload of 140 kg.

Opel Rocks-e KARGO

As with the regular Opel Rocks-e, the electric motor in the Opel Rocks-e KARGO delivers continuous power of 6 kW (8 hp) and peak power of 9 kW (12 hp) during acceleration. The 5.5 kWh battery can be fully charged in approximately 4 hours via a 220V household socket (1.8 kW charging speed). A full battery charge offers a range of up to 75 kilometers. The handy, accompanying three-meter charging cable is permanently in the vehicle and can be pulled out of the socket is not directly next to the car. For optimum ease of use, Opel provides an optional adapter for charging at a public charging point.

Electric, unconventional and practical:

  • Zero-emissions and very compact: Opel Rocks-e KARGO electric car is a new kind of electric light commercial vehicle
  • Enterprising: battery-electric four-wheeler goes where regular light commercial vehicles could not go before
  • Suitable for delivery from parcels to pizza: about 260 liters of cargo space and up to 140 kg of payload

Also typical of the Opel Rocks-e KARGO are the two-tone front and rear and the Opel Vizor family face. Energy-efficient LED headlamps and LED turn signals are standard, while the design of the door sills and body panels enhance the robust appearance. Furthermore, the doors open in opposite directions, with the passenger door swinging open to the rear. The standard panoramic glass roof, exceptional for a vehicle like this, provides plenty of light and a pleasant atmosphere in the interior.

The new Opel Rocks-e KARGO electric car will be added to the Opel family later this year. More information about prices and availability will follow shortly. @via Opel.

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