The Beacon Hill Country Park area is closed to the public for conservation.

A section of a Leicestershire park is to close to the public to help replenish the heathland and wildlife.


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Jewels Hill at Beacon Hill Country Park was closed by the county council last year for the summer.

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The ecologist said that at the time Such areas have created "micro-climate" for insects, birds, and plant growth The council said that from such success The area will be closed again from 1 April to 1 August to allow "nature to breathe space".

Jewels Hill is a Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI) site within the park.A signal that popped up on the site this week asked park users. It "respects the closure period" and says livestock will

to graze as part of a broader grazing conservation program. Consultant Lee Breckon said, "It's clearer than ever that people want it. to protect the environment and be more sustainable




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