Pursue MCA from the best Colleges in Dehradun for an exciting career

DIT University has one of the Top MCA Colleges in Uttarakhand. The curriculum for master in computer applications course is more focused on the implementation of Programming Languages, IT skills.


Information Technology is a growing sector in India with good promises of a lucrative job and a secure career. A Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree from a well-established institute guarantees good return on investment, sound career progression and high creative satisfaction. Reports and studies suggest that this sector is going to grow at a faster pace in coming years and in the process generating millions of jobs.  A masters degree in this field from the best colleges in Dehradun or for that matter best in class colleges anywhere in India can put your career in the fast lane to the top. Top grade colleges or institutes possess all the necessary expertise, infrastructure and faculty that help participants enjoy a flourishing career in this dynamic discipline by helping them visualise things and the talent to give shape to their vision.

MCA is of three years duration and consists of six semesters (two semesters per year). The sixth and final semester is generally reserved for a major project work where students are required to submit a report on a real life project carried out by them, and face a panel of interviewers on the same. Also, unlike BCA, a Master of Computer Applications allows you to specialise in a field of your own choice and liking.  Some of the popular fields in which you can do your specialisation in MCA are: MIS (management information system), database administration, system management, network management, system architecture, etc.

However, you need to prepare well for MCA entrance examinations as there are limited seats in reputable institutes offering this prestigious course. When you are seeking admission in the well-known top MCA Colleges in Uttarakhand or for that matter a top rated institute anywhere else in India, you need to develop your own admission strategy and carry out your research on the institutes that you think can help you meet your professional goals.  Make a list of B-schools and write down the deadline so that the application process runs smoothly.

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