How to Catch Happy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is one of the few games in the series that offers players meaningful rewards for completing Pokedex. Instead of a certificate for the player to take a screenshot, the game reward offers the chance to catch the mythical Pokemon Arceus.

However, as with every Pokemon game, it can be more challenging for players to find some Pokemon than others. Happy, the theater Pokemon, is a Pokemon that is reportedly difficult for many players to find. That's understandable given that Pokemon's spawn rate is listed as "Very Rare."

However, if players don't know where to find happiness, they won't be able to add it to their book. Players can't really beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus without filling out Pokedex. As many players struggle to complete the game to get the rewards it offers, players are looking for tips on how to find happiness.

Tips for Finding Happy in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Fortunately, Happy can be found in four of the five main areas in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Players should keep in mind that while "happy" can be found in multiple areas, it's still extremely rare spawns. However, in one possible scenario, the chance of Happy spawning increases.

In the Crimson Mirelands area, Happy has a chance to appear in Mass Outbreak. Both Happiny and Chansey, its evolved form, can spawn in the Mass Outbreaks in the Cottensedge Prairie area, located in the eastern part of the region. Also, players can get to this area faster with the help of Basculegion.

In the Obsidian Fieldlands, the first area of ​​the game, players can find joy at the top of the Oreburrow Tunnel. The player can then most efficiently reach the area with the help of Sneasler or Braviary. However, ambitious players have found a way to force their way up steep slopes using the Wyrdeer.

Joy can also be found in several areas of the Cobalt Coast. The first area where Happy Happiny can be found in Hideaway Bay, just south of Bather's Lagoon. Happiness can also be found on Tombolo Walk, an island in the southeast of the map. An outpost of the Cobalt Coastlands is located near this area.

The last area that can be found in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Happy is the Alabaster Icelands area. Players can find Happy in the southwest area of ​​the map. Both Arena's Approach and Avalanche Slopes have a chance to spawn Happy. And of course as a bonus, find Chansey and Blissey here. PKMBuy has PLA Pokemon for Sale.

Knowing the locations of potential spawns for happiness, players can start looking for happiness in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Happy-seeking players should keep in mind that the chances of a Pokemon spawning are slim to none. This means that even if Happy can be there, it may take some time. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon at

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