Obtain a seamless user experience with S/4HANA migration

Quinnox is a software AG partner that helps businesses in implementing SAP S4HANA and also performing S/4HANA migration seamlessly. This migration helps process larger volumes of data.


Migrating to SAP S/4HANA helps your organization to handle the latest technology and stay on track with the current trends. It helps businesses across the globe to be fully equipped and handle the Big Data trend. S/4HANA aids industries in processing voluminous data and changing the way it is stored and accessed, which gives rise to a large range and access of data. S/4HANA is known for its versatility and flexible nature as it can integrate information from various sources, both internal and external. It is equipped with analytical capabilities and internal and external tools that play a vital role in incorporating unstructured data of all sorts. 


Quinnox is a software AG partner that handles S/4HANA migration which enables businesses across industries to get out of their comfort zones and echo chambers and transform how they perceive data to ensure that they keep up with competitors. Along with migration, Quinnox also provides additional support with AMS toolkits for integration, integration platform upgrade kits and more. These kits enable your firm to improve service quality and enhance productivity.


Organizations can accelerate business intelligence functions as they are built into HANA. With the combined increase in speed, data can be processed in real-time. A timely S/4HANA migration will help drastically reduce time in making business decisions. It enables organizations to react to events that impact their business and take action to address challenges proactively. With dynamic tiering, data that is accessed often remains in memory, whereas fewer data moves to the disk once the space is low. This enables the cost-effective management of large data. Also, HANA’s advanced columnar storage and compression will help in reducing data footprint drastically. S/4HANA migration enables firms to achieve larger analytic capabilities with increased versatility as they enable driving new insights with increased compatibility.  


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