The new Fiat 500e "la Prima" with a JBL premium audio system

The new Fiat 500e is Stellantis' best-selling electric model and Europe's best-selling electric city car.


The Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli is the world's first electric city car equipped with JBL's "Virtual Venues" technology. The 500e delivers an incomparable sound experience by making virtual concert spaces. In the new top version of the Fiat 500 electric car, the JBL's premium audio system has also been tuned by master tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The premium audio system delivers 320 watts, can be operated intuitively and is perfectly integrated into the vehicle without compromising the space available in the interior or trunk. FIAT also worked with Italian superstar Andrea Bocelli to make the system perfect and unique. The unmistakable soundtrack of the corresponding communication campaign is the new single by Bocelli's son Matteo.

"The tremendous triumph of the new Fiat 500 in the previous top version 'la Prima' has shown that many customers want a premium, Italian, and iconic vehicle. In short, they want the best of 'Made in Italy' in their vehicle," commented Olivier François, CEO of FIAT and Global CMO of Stellantis. "Italian means: highest expression of art, beauty, and music. Together with Maestro Andrea Bocelli, we created the ultimate listening experience that exploits the silence in an electric vehicle. Furthermore, thanks to JBL's exclusive 'Virtual Venues' technology, we offer our customers an immersive and customized audio experience. This revolutionary premium audio system complements our iconic brand, proudly made in Italy.

The 2022 Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli comes standard with a light in the glove compartment that emits UV-C light. This allows the surface of small objects, such as smartphones or keys, to be cleaned effectively. The cleaning process is started using a pressure switch in the center console. The process takes around three minutes. A display and an audible signal will notify you when cleaning is complete.

In addition, the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli showcases other jewels of design and technology. They include the Uconnect 5 with a 10.25-inch (26 cm) high-definition touchscreen and integrated navigation system, full LED headlights, and 17-inch diamond-finish alloy wheels. The interior is very exclusive, with the dashboard paneling in a woven look and seat covers in ice beige with an embossed FIAT monogram. The Cabriolet variant of the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli also features the lettering FIAT on the soft top. The vehicle key rounds off the exclusive standard equipment with a stone look, a tray for charging smartphones wirelessly, and specific floor mats with the Italian flag.

The Fiat 500e "la Prima" electric city car by Bocelli can travel up to 320 kilometers between two charging processes. In city traffic, the range even increases to up to 460 kilometers. In addition, the electrically powered Fiat 500 is the first city car that has the ability for partially automated driving.

The new Fiat 500e "la Prima" electric car by Bocelli is expected to be available to order from April in the three-body variants sedan, cabriolet, and 3+1. There is a choice of paint colors onyx black, rose gold, arctic white, mineral grey, ocean green, and sky blue.

JBL creates the excellent sound that shapes life's most beautiful moments. From iconic experiences like Woodstock and shows at Madison Square Garden to games at Yankee Stadium and weekend getaways, JBL elevates listeners' experiences with an award-winning sound that lets them savor every moment. With 75 years of experience and industry-leading innovation, JBL has combined a bold image of the future with the intensity and skill of engineers and designers worldwide. As a result, the Signature Professional Sound from JBL is the best technology used at prominent pop culture events, and the brand has partnerships with the world's best.

The sound system of the new Fiat 500e "la Prima" by Bocelli uses two tweeters, four mid-range speakers, and a subwoofer to create four virtual concert rooms that can be called up via the infotainment system. The acoustic variants living room, professional recording studio, opera house, and stadium are available for different styles of music. This unique technology offers a music experience tailored to the music and the venue down to the smallest detail in the front and rear seats.

The new Fiat 500e Icon equipment and the sedan body is available with two battery variants. You can now choose between capacities of 23.8 kilowatt-hours or 42.0 kilowatt-hours.

The 23.8 kW battery is new, exceptionally attractively priced alternative for customers who mainly cover short distances in an area with a well-developed charging structure. The range in city traffic is up to 257 kilometers (WLTP cycle).

The 42 kWh battery is combined with a motor that delivers 87 kW (equivalent to 118 hp). The range is up to 320 kilometers (measured according to the WLTP cycle) or 460 kilometers in city traffic.

The other standard equipment of the 2022 Fiat 500e ICON is identical for both battery variants. In addition, both model versions now come with a Mode 3 charging cable. @via EV stories.


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