Curious Questions About Watches - Custom Handmade Watches not only manufactures the custom watches, but also the watch related components, especially for the whole watch.

It may not be missing on your wrist, but do you know everything about your watch? If you really think so, you're wrong. Throughout history, watches from Watches Manufacturers have been adding functions and features and we don't know everything about them.

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It is a common plugin, but quite unknown. So much so, that we have received various emails from our customers with curious questions about watches. For this reason, and for other doubts that we have found that exist on the Internet, we leave you a list with answers to the most repeated questions.

What does am/pm mean on clocks? These terms are used in digital clocks that only show the numbers from 1 to 12. Although we know what they are for, do you know where they come from? In this type of clocks where the 24 hours of the day do not appear, we must somehow differentiate the time of the morning and the afternoon. Well, they are acronyms from Latin. AM means Ante Meridiem, which translates as Before noon and PM, means Post Meridiem, After noon. Therefore, AM refers to the hours between 00:00 and 12:00 and pm we use it from 12:00 to 00:00.

Custom Handmade Watches are some of the best value watches in today's watch market. What stands out most about this custom design is the excellent value for money. They have very good automatic and quartz machinery.

How to store my watches? Storing watches properly is important as it influences their durability. Poor storage can cause scratches or color fading, and where to store your watches is another part of maintenance. The best place to store them is a watch case. It is a kind of jewelry box where each one of them is stored individually. If you are a watch lover and you like good conservation, it is the best option. As you can see, there are many curiosities about watches and many mysteries that surround them. For all this and much more, we cannot help being lovers of these jewels.

And you, did you know any of this information? If you have questions and curiosities about watches or Luxury Watches Manufacturer, you can leave your comment and we will respond with the answer.

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